Oklahoma State Offers In-State Talent Will Smith

I guess you are going to just continue to lie.
I gave a reason why the defense didnt do great. I also didnt blame the whole loss on the defense.

I did answer jug " i said hello rainman". Just because your daddy only asks 2 questions every time, doesnt mean i have to answer it every time.

I like how you the deflecting is a way to answer questions.

I cant wait for a new season so you gurls have new things to cry about. Pathetic joy

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Don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about. I thought the defense played great in every facet of the game based on the situation our offense kept putting them in. The only thing negative the entire game you can really pin on them was the 17 straight passes. Other than that they played just about as well as you can ask a defense to play. Guess you didn’t watch the game.

Asking the coach if we can settle for touchdowns instead of field goals isn’t crying. That’s called being a fan pointing out that the offense has a red zone problem (which they do).

17 pass in a row is not a lil thing that would be a record at a lot of schools. It doesnt fit your narrative so you down play it.

Joy it only takes once to point out something. I have talked about red zone td. Your a cry baby. How many things have you cried about just today.

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Just ignore all the other things the defense did well, and focus on the one thing that wasn’t the primary cause of our loss. Doesn’t fit your narrative so you try to expand that one category out of the 8-9 things they did well. Then act like it’s the defense’s fault still.

Your like a child you say stuff not knowing what you are saying.
You do know they scored at will during that 17 passes .
Actually the defense red zone td is not that great.

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Baylor scored the most of their points during that 17 in a row idiot !! They watched the uo game and saw what Riley did down the middle against us. Funny thing is it still took Knowles till half to adjust

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So when do we get to decide that maybe we shouldn’t rely on defense every single game to make sure we win? I can say that 17 in a row is not good, but I’m not going to completely hammer a defense that held it’s opponent to 242 total yards and forced two turnovers for the loss. Maybe we should start learning to score touchdowns when we’re 20 yards within the end zone :man_shrugging:?

Actually the red zone offense we possess is not that great. We’ve had an entire season to improve it, but Gundy would rather kick field goals and completely rely on defense. Any coach that has a brain should know their defense is not going to be up for every single game throughout the entire season.

I see you still havent got your tail.
Some where in that 17 pass they make a stop and not allow 100 % red zone td we could have won it too.

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Gundy’s offense stunk all season and Jim knowles defense was really good all season. Not much to debate if you watched the season. Don’t give me that it’s not gundy’s offense because the last two coordinators have plainly stated that the offense dosent really change. Gundy has told us this every year himself. Nothing to debate here. And if you say gundy was responsible for both than his offense stuck all year and his defense was really good but we know he’s hands off on defense and gundy himself rarely talked to knowels during the season as he’s stated also.

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So your saying gundy build a great defense. Finally you see that. Great jeff

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Somewhere in our one billion trips to the red zone if we just walk in for one more touchdown instead of settling for a field goal then this conversation doesn’t exist.

Why play 40 minutes. Let’s just do a shoot out.

The thing is ive admitted both sides of the ball have problems with the red zone. So you cant let one of because they didnt do it last.

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Which side of the ball had the most problems in the red zone during the entirety of the 2021 season? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t the defense.

The defense did alot good. But, red zone td% was terrible. Red zone over all wasn’t great.
In the baylor game baylor was 100% in red rone td scoring.

I know your narrative is gundy bad. Its Gundy’s team all of it. I hear alot about how great gundys coordinators are. Funny only dana has had any longevity.
Still gundy keeps winning. Very odd.

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When they only have to go 5 yards to get to the red zone because the offense loves to give the ball to them then that’s bound to happen eventually.

Like what? What exactly is he winning? Besides his first NY6 bowl in nearly 10 years what kind of merits has he accomplished? Even Michigan State has a conference title and CFP appearance in that time frame. They aren’t even considered the 3rd or 4th best program in the Big 10.

Gundy is entering year 18, and he nearly lost to a first game head coach without two of their best players playing in the Fiesta Bowl. You’re right though. We’ll keep winning our weak non-conference schedules (hopefully we beat CMU this year) and at least three conference games to ensure bowl eligibility with Mr. Stability still around.

Joy your just spoutin off chit. Alot of " if’s".

Joy i liked knowles. He did have issues. If you dnt want to see them or flat out ignore them thats fine. Im hope with the coaches we have we maintain. I hope with a full time lb coach will help that problem. I hope mason address the issue in the secondary.
The biggest thing with Knowles was his 3rd down play. Masons wasnt that bad at auburn.

Just think this stuff over.

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OSU was ranked 4th in the country on 3rd down conversion percentage. Continue being the phucking retard that you are.

4th in the country on 3rd down conversions. You’re a retard.

Your the retard what does me hoping mason helps our secondary out have anything to do with 3rd downs.
Also you went back for seconds of retardness. I did say it was a bad thing about 3rd downs. I know you will come back say im lieing and didnt mean it that way.
U obviously dnt read my stuff or you are the moron we know u to be.

Your always act like the expert about the title game, you didnt even know we had dline on offense. Joy" we could have tried some dline guys." Moron

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