Oklahoma State Offers Pair of 2023 Defensive Backs

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Both have some ties to Oklahoma State.

We got a offer to blacks brother to.

What we need is for them to offer us a HC and OC that don’t suck chit.

Who is they. And why are u an idiot

We need Gundy and Dunn to hold a press conference for their resignations and name the new HC and OC for the football program.

It’s funny how u get when gundy is winning. Every day u see ur dream slip away the more u cry.

I’m sorry if I don’t find the average margin of a 6 point victory against the likes of Missouri State and Tulsa considered as “winning”. You must be a far left democrat if you do.

There u go again. A win is a win.
Will should get a couple of the starts back. And we will run the ball. So if the defense holds, it’s another win.u can’t go 13 and 0 if u aren’t 2and 0.
Back to the crying… now

A win is a win when your playing the two worst teams on the schedule so far (with the exception of maybe….Kansas). A loss is going to be a loss once Gundy’s Pat Jones chit offense hits conference play and can’t move an inch down field because the offense sucks too much chit.

Yeah that’s true. At the same time you can’t go 2-10 unless you keep running an offense that’s sucks chit like Mike Gundy does.

R u serious have u looked at the league. Does any one scare u. Yes I know u will say ou, because riley was brilliant against Tulane.

Can’t be scared of a game you know the outcome of before kickoff.


So your telling me that your confident in a team, that averages 25 points per game, against the likes of Missouri State and Tulsa will win in the conference the way they are playing right now?

Sure why not.

Logan ur scared of all things small

You must think the same way as John L. Smith.

Joey ur the fan of Arkansas coaches

Yep your little pecker is at the top of the list.

I hope ur not like Jeff a want to talk about sucking it.

At least Sam Pittman doesn’t have a chit offense.