Oklahoma State Offers Pair of 2023 Defensive Backs

U amazing me. Can u even walk and talk at the same time. Is there any coach outside of stillwater that doesn’t give u a hard on

Ucf has already given up 14 pts. So that 32 doesn’t seem that impressive.

21 now

Clay Helton. USC was smart enough to get rid of him at least. Didn’t take them another 4 years to figure out if they needed to keep him or not for continuing to underperform in his conference.

I’m sorry u dnt get hard on a guy who actually won his conference and rose bowl. This guy sucks compared to Pittman and leach

Do you even know what you asked? Here I’ll remind you since you’re too stupid to remember.

And I told you Clay Helton. It didn’t take USC another 4 years to realize the guy was living off the coat tail of an 11 win season. Kind of like how Gundy is still living off his 2017 season (Even though he finished 3rd).

So go ahead and gargle Gundy’s marbles if you must, but the rest of us that have a functioning brain realize a change is needed for the current coach we have that’s looking like he’s going to fail to meet his conference prediction for the 8th time in the last 10 seasons.

I just pointed out coaches u like who have done nothing. Like leach, 20 years of nothing. Then u make excuses for him. So go take ur lil thoughts about coaches somewhere else

Leach’s offense is averaging 30 points a game right now against better competition. Which means his offense isn’t quite as bad as Mike Gundy and his suck chit offense right now.

Thats ur first lie he is averaging 29.5. He beat LA tech by 1.
Last year he scored over 30 twice.
He scored 0 against Alabama. Oh wait 0 means he didn’t score. 2 pts against Kentucky, in who’s reality calls him an offensive genius when he scores 2 pts against Kentucky.
Is Kentucky some of that better competition.ur talking about.
The guy has coached 20 years and never made a title game.
If u want to watch scoring go watch areana ball.
I would beilve in ur thought process it u weren’t such an idiot.
Did I say he scored 2 against Kentucky. Sorry that was a lie. His offense went scoreless twice last yr.
I can give u first year and Alabama. But Kentucky.

Louisville just scored 41 to ucf. Prior to that they scored a season high of 30 to Eastern Kentucky. So that 31 boise scored my not be that wonderful.

29.5 rounded is 30 you idiot, and I wish our suck chit Mike Gundy offense could be half as competent as Louisville and UCF. Looks to me like they have offensive lines.

Now ur just wasting my time.

U never explain to me how leach’s offense went scoreless in 2 games last year.

Because he lost 21 players? Kinda like how Gundy went 4-7 when he kicked 10 players off his team when he first became the OSU Head Coach.

He scored 44 against lsu. One game was kentucky dude every body can score on the stoops Brothers.

One problem with leach losing 21 players he didn’t kick them off. Did u see how leach took care of that g5 school. Oh wait he lost.

Kind of like how Gundy is going to lose tonight. At least their loss is to an undefeated G5 team and not against a 1-1 G5 team that lost to UCF.

U know g5 schools are scoring over 32 points a game.
It’ll be a long year.

I think with the lose of more recievers we will have just 1 play. Up the middle.

I think leach needs to hire a special teams coach they gave up a return