Oklahoma State Offers Pair of 2023 Defensive Backs

It could be worse. After we lose a game, some people will try and tell everyone we really won.

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I think they need to carefully screen the refs since Mississippi State downed the football and the refs botched the entire call. Go watch the YouTube video on it.

Once again making excuses.

It’s not an excuse if it really happened. At least Mike Leach doesn’t lie about having depth.

Is that lieing about excuses or lieing about lieing.

Go watch the video. The video says it all.

Joey I hate ref but u can’t use them. Any way why would I watch a loser like leach

So I’m assuming you hated the touchdown reversal Boise didn’t get before Warren’s knee hit the ground and fumbled? It works both ways you know. Like I said…go watch the video.

By the way, you never answered my question in the other forum.

Dude have a good nite

Too scared to answer?

I actually have answer. But I am not going to ur fantasy world



So is it dumb or not? Because you just said it’s not stupid, and then said you would’ve went to overtime. Then you said it’s done quite often. The last time I can recall it happening was Bedlam 2018.

This is why you’re stupid. Have a good night.

I am, u were trying to set this up for to days.
Pathetic joey

All I’m saying is don’t go around saying “I’m smarter than you” when someone else shows you that you contradict yourself. Have a little more dignity. Have a good night Roberto.

The thing I would like to find that person first.
Nobody chases one point in the first half. Well desperate people. It’s a personal option to go at the end. I would have kicked. Matt already missed on so just get over with and gundy went for it.
So ur and idiot for continuing this out. U never get anything correct.

U can tell I have no dignity. I’m trying to reason with rainman.

I guess I would be upset too if someone proved I contradicted myself as well. So if you’re wrong just tell the person “ur an idiot and don’t get anything correct.”

What we do know is if Gundy would’ve went for two to make it 14-0 then you would be a calling him a genius for trying. If anyone else does it then they are just a jacka55. You need to get over this obsession with trying to convince people he’s still a good coach.

Wow!!! You sound really smart Robert.

Anything that gundy does that makes u cry is good.

“It is time for Gundy to go!! He has done a good job in doing things the right way and has elevated OSU in the national discussion at times. He has been very fortunate with good coordinators, especially on the offensive side of the ball. He has an offensive coordinator now who is and has been a wonderful receivers coach but is way over his head as the OC.

I encourage everyone to listen to the Pistols Firing podcast!!! They are right on the mark in their assessment of Gundy and the current state of the program. I have been to practice many a time and Gundy is absent and usually arrives at the end to speak to his players.

Unlike most head coaches (Sabin is a great example at 66) is hands on and right in the middle of practice and coaching!!! Mike is not the sharpest tool in the tool box and that is quite apparent on his exchanges with the media. He makes $5M a year and the product he is putting on the field is an embarrassment. I can’t root against my team and always want them to win but I really don’t care as much this year if they do lose. Maybe this needs to happen for our Alumni to take a stand and expedient his removal.

Let’s bring in a new coach with a new coaching philosophy and bring this program to national prominence.
PS He is so very fortunate to have the premier Strength and Conditioning Coach in the country who makes a Gundy look like a better coach than he is.

Please Listen the Pistols Firing podcast as they make some very good reaffirming points.”

This was sent to me in a personal message. I will not say who sent this to me, but I’m sure this is how a majority of OSU fans feel right now. Looks like I’m not only one and I’m sure I won’t be the last.

Like I said anything gundy does to make u cry, is good for me.