Oklahoma State Releases 2022 Schedule

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A pre-Thanksgiving Bedlam, and Texas for Homecoming.

What the hell, no bye week at all in the middle of conference play?

Trash schedules all around. TCU and us have to play all 9 conference games straight. Baylor is at WVU on a Thursday. Same with ISU and Texas. Rivalry week is non existent. How the hell does the Big 12 sit here after seeing their two flagship universities bailing and come up with this garbage?

How many other teams got Texas as their homecoming. That’s funny

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  1. Time for some payback against CMU
  2. Arizona St game should be interesting.
  3. No bye during conference play is a joke. That should’ve been for OU and Texas as punishment for their move to the SEC.

I just really don’t understand how the Big 12 administration got together and thought this was acceptable. This isn’t just a shitty draw for OSU even though it is bad. The whole ■■■■ thing sucks. I swear Bowlsby is trying to see how much he can get away with before getting fired.


No BYU? I thought they might join next year.

BYU has contracts in place that they would have to pay exit fees probably in the 100s of thousands….

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I thought they were relatively unentangled because they’re independent. Thought there was lots of speculation they might be coming this year.

No it was said when they joined they had games that couldn’t be changed.
We want them to win the pac 12 again​:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::wink::wink::wink::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well…lets see here.

  • K State will be down some

  • Kansas might be a little better

  • Tech might be a little better

  • Iowa State might been down some

  • WV will be down some

  • Baylor might still be pretty good with Aranda still there

  • TCU might be okay

  • Texas might get bowl eligible, but I don’t expect them to make a big splash

  • OU (I don’t have any idea)

There is a chance for next season to be special as well if we can get a majority of the offense and defense to stay.

I hope we keep the starters in the entire game and win by 50.

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U are alot different when u take ur meds.
Does that mean u will take credit for us winning a natty

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Unless special teams or defense help, 30 is the limit.

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I’m not on any kind of meds. I’m just realistic when it comes to viewing the college football world. It’s okay to take off the orange shades every once in awhile and look objectively at the program you support even if you’re a fan of them.

I’ve told you repeatedly if OSU does something I think they can do or expect them to do I give credit where credit is due. Gundy, Dunn, and Knowles have made the team better as each week as went on.

When you meet a conference projection finish or exceed that standard then I won’t say a word about anything. When you find ways to not meet the standard then I’ll give my two cents.

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Exactly!!! I think anyone that’s watched the games this season knows our offense has been the weakest link for the team so far this season. While special teams hasn’t been excellent they are a contributing reason we’ve won a couple of games this season (Boise State and OU). I do think they offense has gotten better and been a little more consistent late in the season.

Joe just today u were crying about 7 and 6 chit. If ur not on meds u got lucky.

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Do you think we should be going 7-6 after 10 win seasons? Why do you think I’m so ferocious on better recruiting? I desire this program to be better than 7-6 even after a good season. I don’t think you can be a true fan if you desire any less.

I agree, I think the Arizona State game will be a nice early season test. That bye week sucks though needs to be about 3 weeks later

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They have home and home contracts just like OSU has had with Boise, UCLA, Georgia etc. to get out of those contracts there are exit fees in the 100,000s because then the other school is scrambling to fill it’s schedule late. Buy as an independent has a dozen non con games so probably has a some games that cannot be moved, some that might have some wiggle room and some they can void.