Oklahoma State Releases 2023 Football Schedule

Depends if he runs the same concepts on offense. Go long and jump for it. Are we going to have a heartbeat on the offensive line? Is he going to start playing the best players over less talented guys that have seniority over them? Is the defense going to grasp a brand new concept in time? These question are more important to me than quarterback. Basically will gundy get out of his own way?

Jeff you kill me. You actually tell me 1 guy you wanted gundy to play that he didnt. Seriously name one. Itll be had because of all the freshman he plays

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Uh……I mean I can tell you a few every single year. Jaylen Warren. Started way to late should have been number 1 guy from the start. How about Ollie Gordon? Should have been the guy from the begging. Prestley should have been in packages during the season but know took his talents to Tulsa how far you want me to go back? I can tell you someone from every roster is that wat you want?

Tylan Wallace started way too late to be the guy

Sad part is I can only tell you about a handful maybe that has started as a freshman that should have been starting throughout the last 10 years

5th or 6th year seniors really dnt fit your deal. Warren got hurt mite have came in at the rite time. What if he started 2st game and went out like the other two.

Both nix and ollie did show alot, till later in the year. This is why younger guys dnt start rite off.

Presley is a stretch. Other freshman start over him. His brother talked some about his advice he gave lil p. That advise kind of tells all about readiness.

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Well i know your wrong but if it makes you fell better most schools do the same.
How many freshman startedvthe last two years. I want to know what is going on

Not arguing with you you. I’m right your wrong and that’s it

Gundy gets this from when he played at osu. He holds on to oldschool football practices and he coaches scared. Gundy is not and will not change. Less Miles 2.0

Our last 6 qbs that have played started games as a freshman or red shirt. That just 1 position. We have about 6 receivers or more in the last 2 years that stared.

Lets get on it tell why dunn has started other freshman but not presley. Come on genius.

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Do your research

Look at any of our best receivers present and past and look at the true freshmen receivers that were”thrust into starting rolls because of injuries and look at how many Balls were thrown to them and then look at sophomore season then look at junior season and then look at senior season. Truth doesn’t lie

Then look at the running backs past and present. You will find the same facts

I have. I researched your opinion. Your wrong. Ollie didnt show anything that made me was the best back in the first 6 or more games.
Presley was being past up by his brother jpr and other freshman.

Your saying i was wrong talking about how many freshman qb and recievers have started. Sanders was a red shirt, shane freshman gundy redshirt and rangel freshman. Brown was the only one that didnt start as fresh here. We can do the other spots. Why arent freshmans starting every where. Mental

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Watch how many touches Presley gets at Tulsa versus his brother at OSU. You can’t even get close to winning this Conversation

Dude you would argue the earth is flat if I the earth is round.

You coach Gundy has stated what I’m saying over and over so how can you say I’m lying if your coach has stated this :joy:

You mean how boomer didnt play as a freshman then went home to tulsa. Did he even see the field. Dude do your own research. Im sure all our players would get more touch at tulsa. Pathetic

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Boomer?? What are you talking about? Focus! Presley lol

(Focus) your coach states this and your arguing against him think about that (focuse)