Oklahoma State Releases 2023 Football Schedule

Lol you are funny , i thought you were a flat lander.

I hear a lot of you yahoos going on about what gundy says.

Well look at the guys we got in the portal

Look at how many freshman have played.

Just because your a homer from tulsa doesnt make tusla kids better

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Name one player that started as a freshman that had sufficient first string touches or catches. I will give you all the time you need

The same chit was siad about boomer that is about presley. I was giving you a great example of how wrong you can be

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Dude when you can’t hang on to players because your a dic to them and don’t talk to them then you have to go to the portal and play players because you have no choice lol.

Again focus I said Presley not Boomer

Johnson this year bray green jpr the other green was starting at te.

I guess you miss games when your crying

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We got rid of alot of dead weight. Thank god

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Again those kids were thrusted in because he had no choice

He had nobody behind them

You can’t play people you don’t have

Your really good at crying. Take away players that are .95 or higher name a school that plays freshman.

You look at texas the play banks and another on the line. They we ready to play. Everybody know it.

Bray and green were on the 2deep starting the year. So its not a strech for them. You really are stuck on see young boys. Its best to let glass turn them into a man.

You werent saying the same chit with boomer. Im given you a great example of ther stuff your talking about.

Its been talked about enough, your a homer.

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Deuce Vaughn


Jp was the best receiver even as a true freshman. He did not miss one catch right not one. He was thrown too 23 times. Is this A recipe for winning football no. As a sophomore he had 50 receptions why this many a year later? Because of what I stated

Lol your a funny guy. Hey i love deuce, but thats all ksu had. Ive name freshman your naming freshman. You come up with 1 player outside of osu. There not playing alot of freshman at ksu.

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No chance Duce gets 122 Carrie’s at osu as a true freshmen

At osu under gundy

Kansas state had 3 other running backs in his freshmen year

Well in 2020 hubbard was the most at 133. Kick is hubbard as a true freshman had 124 carries and more yards. Why do you even try

Yea those 3 need get more yards the the qbs and recievers in rushing

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