Oklahoma State Releases Spring Roster; Brown, Martin Included

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It looks like LD Brown is returning to Stillwater.

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Good to have ld back gives us 4 proven college backs. Logan can do a great job. Martin showed he can go get the ball. Alot of earlier enrollments. All good

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The throwback jerseys need to be a permanent fixture. At least make them the official road jersey or something. Those things are sick.

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I’d rather save them for things like homecoming, bowl games, etc. You wear them too often and they’re not as special. I do agree that they look sick AF.

I’m glad the most important thing for next year is the uniforms.

What uniform do you think is best for 4th in the conference.


Will be interesting to see if one of those RB’s can develop into a super star. We need a prayer circle in order to try to manifest an effective O line. Let Gunnar play his first season! That would be a real throw back.


lighten up Francis!!! :grinning:

Ok Nancy. It was sarcasm. A joke. U do know what a joke is. Nancy

They could wear what u wear chaps and a bra and that’s it.

Of course. That is why I added the smiley face. Wanted to make sure you did not miss the humor. Guess I should have been more clear.

Agree. Love the throwbacks! Maybe that’s because I’m a throwback myself.

Sorry I’m used to people like ar0

I was was thinking gray but what ever makes your day.

If u say was twice u mean it double. Gray is dull.

So is 4th in the conference.

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Glad t-Martin is coming back because he can catch the ball and some other guys we have can catch the ball and are good also but you have to throw them the ball first🤷‍♂️. Logan a non factor catching the ball but will be a good blocker for sure.

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Hope we get to see more of Illingworth this year than turnovermachine sanders. That’s the first thing that needs to happen. If sanders is the guy all year you better hop he pulls a Trevon Boykin and is a totally different guy or we will be the same team

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If Sanders starts and looks the same as this year I’m not going to watch them. I watched them throw away their best chance at a conference championship game in 3 years because they wouldn’t pull Sanders. Not going to watch it twice.

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The sad thing is I’m gonna be dumb enough to watch it either way. Good on you.