Oklahoma State-Texas Set for an Early Kickoff in Austin

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OSU-UT will be FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff.

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I think all sanders has to do is be halfway decent. No turnovers or special teams blunders and I think we have a pretty ■■■■ good shot to win.

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If Texas only scores 50 against us we will be lucky. I think we are in for a beating.


The defensive busses were rerouted out of Dallas

Better be ready. Texas is going to angry and wanting to take it out on us.

I think Texass mentality is too babyshit soft to respond like that. But if they indeed are mad and want to actually do something about it we can’t score with them that’s for sure.


OU vs Texas sounds like it was old style Big 12 play, forget about defense, just try to win by out scoring the opponent. I prefer that kind of play, especially when OSU had the air raid and no huddle.

I enjoy the shootouts more too. The good new is we can run the ball pretty well now and Texass can’t stop the run. Over half of OUs 660 yards came on the ground.

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I’m actually pretty concerned about our offense going into this game. The second-half woes where scoring seems to nearly come to a standstill can’t continue.

This will be the best offense we’ve faced thus far. I don’t trust Sanders throwing the ball, and if Texas figures out how to stop the run with minimal personnel on defense we are screwed.

About the only things you can hope for is that Thompson overthrows the receivers, and we shut Robinson down. I think it will, unfortunately, come down once again to the defense trying to save the day because our offense can’t seem to hold onto the ball or come out with a second-half game plan to get the ball moving.

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Did u watch the game. They used mannequins on the defensive side. And not good ones they kept falling over when someone ran by them.

Probably because Texas has one of the best running backs in the nation.

That statement was fir both defenses. I don’t know how the Texas rb has anything to do with this. The qb had over 300 yards

Has our secondary been truly tested yet?

Now ur worried about r defense

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Texas receivers are pretty good. Maybe a little worried about the defense. However, I’m MASSIVELY worried about our offense and the QB that loves throwing the ball to the other team. Mainly because his coaches haven’t developed him.


Ground-and-pound. This Longhorn team shares the same fortitude as the dozen or so that came before them. Just take the game to them.

And, for all that’s good and pure, run up the score!


I will say I hope Knowles trys an innovative process called coverage. Those would look a hole lot different with defenders next to them.

See woods targeted 6 times only caught 2 for 10 yards. It’s look like that one game was a fluke. I will say when u throw it 60 times u should get 2 catches.
Bronco should reevaluate throw to woods 10% of the passes went to woods for 10 yards.

We still have yet to score a point in the 3rd quarter this year.

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Joe still thinks that just because he was a four star it has to be the coaches fault he isn’t any good. Have you ever sat back and realized some kids that have all the tools just don’t translate at the next level. I’m sure the coaches never work with him or show him what he’s doing wrong.