Oklahoma State's Loss to Iowa State a Further Indictment on Constant Personnel Switching

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The Cowboyw were not prepared for Big 12 play.

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Bowman’s not very good. Playing all 3 games wasn’t going to make bowman quit back peddling away from the line of scrimmage like they had the plague. Idk why Gundy went with Bowman based off the first 3 games. I assume since nobody clearly ran away with it the first 3 games he gave the upperclassman first crack at it. However based off of his performance and Gundys post game comments I doubt bowman starts against K-state.


Seems like he went with the guy with starting experience to start on the road. Bowman’s not “the guy” IMO. Maybe he’ll improve. Maybe Gundy’ll give the reins to Rangel. Regardless, something needs to happen with that offense. But NO qb can block for himself. So it seems like Gunnar or Garret should be the answer…


The problems are obvious:

  1. Bowman is a pure pocket passer. Once he starts moving around his accuracy disappears. Having him roll out is an obvious non-starter. He will have no accuracy unless it is a very short route and even that is at best a “maybe.” Not having a solid OL doesn’t help the situation.
  2. After several years it is very obvious that Dunn is not a good OC. His play calling ability is non-existent. But he is a very good receiver coach and recruiter.
  3. I still don’t understand why so many good players have transferred away. Is it because OSU does not have a competitive extra-curricular payment plan? I know the recruiting budget is not competitive in the Big 12. We need an evaluation from the University to explain this…(basketball has the same problem…why did most of the returning player upper class-men transfer out?

Bowman admittedly isn’t setting the world on fire, but what I’ve been watching is an O line that can’t protect him (or Gundy or Rangel) for more than two seconds. Bowman spent much of the game running for his life.

After watching four games, it’s pretty clear that the most glaring of our many problems is the O line and its inability to protect or block. Thus, a completely ineffective running game. Not sure if it’s the personnel or the coaching, but they are going to have to do something to buy our QB and RB more space and time.

Gundy should give the job to his boy. First of all he can work with him 24/7 if he wants. Second of all, Gunnar still has 2+ years to grow. With Bowman, think about it - this whole drama plays out again next year. Thirdly, Gunnar’s never going to be a threat to go portal. Think about next year Mike, and the year after. Flores may challenge Gunnar and that’s fine, but if Rangel hasn’t separated himself from Gunnar, he probably never will.

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I’m obviously in the minority here but I didn’t think our o-line was that bad against Iowa state. It wasn’t perfect but I thought most attempts Bowman had time.

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Batting 1000, 3 of 3 @tim14 - nice write up.

Would add that Bowman is a pure “drop way back and then some” passer that always wants to throw off balance. Sadly he has no pocket presence.

For what it’s worth, if you look at the players that moved on to greener pastures, NONE have made a step up. Most at least so far into the season are not doing as well as they would have at OState.
JPR - push, Jabbar Mohammed - push, Dom Richardson - meh, Stephon Johnson - derp, Lil Presley - derp, Green - derp, Thomas - derp, down to Spencer “Mr. Toxic” Sanders picking splinters out of his ass at Ole Miss.

An effective Offense sure would fix a lot of things on both the Offense and Defense.

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Agreed. Far from perfect, but Bowman seemingly has little/no pocket presence. All he can seemingly do is back peddle, then bail out. Watching a lot of the game tape, he flushes with a lone rusher, instead of stepping into the pocket for protection.
Seems to me he’s playing scared. And he’s just not very akrut under fire.


Does it seem that anyone’s talking about the real question going forward. We are now at week 4. How many guys are going to jump ship now. They can jump ship and not lose their year because they’ve only played in four games. I see a bunch of young guys that will probably be leaving. Much of the rumors and that’s all it is is rumors, has been the young guys feel like they never get a shot. This is especially true on the office of line. I’d be willing to bet that Florez is leaving. We may get lucky and win four games. And Mike Gundy will tell us all the things we want to hear how things are changing. The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t care anymore. Thanks to our athletic directors in competence and giving him a long-term contract raise. We’re kind of stuck. The only thing that’s going to get us out of this contract is Mike Gundy doing something stupid in his personal life which I would not put past him. You can see it in his interviews that he doesn’t care anymore. I would love to see a skit, a young aggressive coach that wants to win and wants to put the effort forward. Look at what’s happening at Washington State and Oregon state. Hell I’d love to have the North Dakota State coach , unfortunately we’re just stuck in purgatory

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Cobb with USC is the only one I can think of that is doing well.

Of the hundreds of bad analogies available, I’ll use this one: Mike Gundy is the captain of the OSU ship.

Rather than taking the wheel and focusing on a point on the horizon, Gundy has said “let’s just see where this thing will take itself.” Where it has gone is where you would expect a ship to go without someone steering: the program is meandering aimlessly.

I’m not calling for Gundy’s firing. I am saying this is the worst coaching job of his tenure, no doubt complicated by his son being in the mix for the starting QB job.

Who is this guy?

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I was wondering the same thing. Saw him chewing out Collin Oliver for the roughing the QB penalty and I’ve never seen him before.

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Here’s the thing that most people (who truly don’t know the ins and outs of football) are missing about the quarterback situation: Bowman is the only one of the three that can read the field. He may not be great, but Rangel doesn’t seem to be able to make the reads and Lil Gundy can only make 2. If you watch the tapes and know what to look for, you’ll see this. That being said, the oline is not very good, so it would be hard for any qb to have success.

Now, here’s were I will disagree with most casual fans over the last few years: the oline play has not been great, but it is not nearly as bad as people say. The last 2 years (not this season), oline play was actually pretty decent. It looked bad because of offensive play calling and Sanders’ habit of bailing on the pocket before there was even any real pressure. The run game has been mediocre because of play calling. It’s pretty easy to defend the run when you know where the ball is going to go. If rushing up the middle or off-tackle doesn’t work, then you have to get the ball to your RB in space–short passes, spread the field, sweeps, etc. Yurcich was good at doing this; Dunn not so much.

That sounds like something from pirates of the Caribbean, captain Jack Sparrow stuff lol. Just need a magic compass lol :joy:.

Rangels statistically is better. I’m going to trust Pat Jones and what I see out of him on the field. He has an arm, quicker feet than Bowman. Was told out of 3 he has more potential for growth. I would had taken the Texas Tech Bowman over the Bowman we have now. He’s playing like a battered beat up QB. I wished he didn’t throw like a right handed version of Tim Tebow.

@soothsayer If you watch the tape, Bowman failed to make quick reads and seemingly intentionally refused to throw to an open BP across the middle. BP was open almost every play… That mouthpiece interview trying to sound like he was “smart” throwing the ball away was CYA for failing to read the D quickly enough, making poor pass selections, and very inaccurate passing. Disgustingly the mouthpiece never owned how crap his play. Shame on Dunn for not benching him.

Bowman is a broken QB. He played scared flushing out of pocket, failing to read, and then throwing the ball away. 1 dime to Nixon doesn’t mask 48% and 2 poor pass ints, and all the missed easy throws. He’s the weakest of our 3 QB’s at QB’ing our offense.

Check on locked on ostate this evening. They’re dropping a bunch of inside-the-program stuff this evening.


I’ve combed through the website – the coaching and support staff – and see him no where.

In this photo he’s got a call sheet tucked in his pants. Must be making calls. Be nice to know who he is.

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Can’t recruit, he’s too old, hires D-2 coaches, only two plays in the playbook and that’s run up the middle and if that doesn’t work and it nrver does throw a bomb down the sidelines, refuses to use the middle of the field in the throwing game. Incapable of putting together an offensive line in 10 years. This is OSU’s problem and nothing else. It’s a gundy problem. Get rid of the problem.

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