Oliver Up 25 Pounds, Ford 'Full Go' as Cowboys Head into Fall Camp

True fans know when you coach a chitty game or not. Especially when it’s for a conference title (which Gundy continues to prove he can’t win again).

So an armchair QB like you knows more than a paid coach, maybe you should apply. They would think you were from the looney bin. I love how you are the guru talking about football, it is astonishing the knowledge you spew out everyday…… said no one ever

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It’s common sense really. You find a different game plan against a top 20 defense. You don’t prepare like it’s Kansas. Especially when you’re down a 1,200 yard rusher and starting lineman. I know you don’t like to admit it, but you should probably get that through your head.


Dude what are you talking about. Common sense is something you have never had.

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So you are down a couple of linenmen and top two running backs you do something different? What , have a play called where you hand it to a line man :roll_eyes: run the wishbone? You get more dense everyday joy … how about Martin catching a pass. Is that Gundys fault … yea common sense left isn’t your strong suit

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No, but when you make it inside the 5 yard line as many times as the offense did on that game, you’re going to have a hard time beating Baylor by kicking field goals rather than scoring touchdowns.

Again is that Gundy fault ? You make excuses for Leach, Campbell and every other yahoo coaching

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Isn’t Gundy the Head Coach?

The only thing I’ve said about Leach is that he doesn’t have support from billionaire alums. Campbell had what? One down year and has been coaching Iowa State since 2016? It’s not like he’s failed Iowa State’s expectations multiple times.

Joy Gundy only coaches, he doesn’t make the plays. Even you should know that.
Leach can’t get along with administration, he’s a renegade coach that follows his own rules. That’s why he gets fired. Quit whinnying about players not making plays and blaming Gundy How did we beat uo with their 5 star QB

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What I seen in the conference title game was a lack of coaching.

The defense made a last stand to prevent a touchdown. Thankfully we had Knowles here to help us build a defensive tradition.

But a last stand cant happen if your not leading.
Dude i watch many last stand by Spencer.

Your trying to role with a narrative. Thing is we know more about osu and football

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I’ve already said the Bedlam game was one of the few games in Gundy’s career where we actually looked like we were trying to score a touchdown on offense instead of just getting close enough to set up the field goal team (which we did in the championship game).

If you knew more about football you wouldn’t be trying to tell me a 3rd round pick sucks. Obviously the evaluators and coaches at the highest levels know more than you and your fake account.

Lets find out if you can be honest.
Leave out all the other plays. Just focus on the last run by Jackson.

Be honest. Did he do the rite thing by running to the corner. Should he, be 20 pounds heavier and have the suprise, turn early and plowed of the db.

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If you watch that play closely you can see that once Jackson gets the ball the middle of the gap he was supposed to run was completely blocked by a pile of players.

The gap just outside the offensive line there is a Baylor defender that sheds a block and covers that gap. Which basically gives Jackson two options.

  1. Try to cut and drive through two defenders

  2. Swing around and try to beat one corner to the pylon

Option one he most likely gets wrapped up by two defenders and driven back. Option two he has one defender to beat to the pylon.

You can focus on one play if you want to, but I’m not going to be ignorant to the fact that the entire offensive game plan (despite Sander’s interceptions) was a crapshoot for mostly three quarters.

We started our last offensive series 1st and goal from the three yard line with one minute left. I look at how stupid the play calling was, and wonder why the coaches didn’t set up anything better. Rather than focus on why Jackson wasn’t able to score a touchdown on two difficult options.

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Ok moron from the center of the field to the pylon. He had other option.

He didnt have to go to the plyon. He had what a 1/3 of the field he was 1 on 1. At any point he should have piled drove that db. By going to the pylon he lost his advantage.

But yes he did rite by pull out. The line held up so he was able to go outside. Not the first time in history of football this happen.
So like woods you will not be honest or ignorant. I know your both.

Sanders only threw 4 pics. Knowles had 17 passes caught. Our db werent as good as we think they were. Thats one thing i hope mason fix.

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Go back and watch the play. As soon as he saw the defender that was able to shed the block on the outside gap of the offensive line in front of him that’s when he decided to not make the cut. He would’ve had to drive through two defenders. His original route and gap was busted in the first place and his next gap was defended. He had limited options.

If we’re going to be “honest” here as you say then you can agree that it’s ridiculous that we couldn’t get three yards in four tries based on some of the stupidity by the offensive coaching staff.

You can say what you want. You know deep down the defense played well enough to win, and despite Sander’s interceptions we should’ve won that game with as many times as we got inside the 5 yard line. You’re still searching for crumbs and can’t find any which is kind of pathetic.

Oh, shuuuuuuut up.


You ignore the fact bayor was good.

Last time between the o line and the pylon jackson could and should went to the end zone. You not understand this means you know nothing about physics or football.

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And you’re ignoring the fact at how many opportunities outside of Jackson’s one play we had to win that game. You can blame him all you want, but he’s not the one throwing the ball or calling the shots on offense.

Its funny i got you distracted some much you stopped blaming Gundy’s bad calls. But we had many opportunities.

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