Only Pokes can answer this

In what did you get a degree? I can ask that question here and almost all can provide an answer, whereas on other Oklahoma school fan pages…well…we all know what I’m talking about.


I’ll start, Geology.

Masters in Educational Leadership

Edit: Completed my PhD elsewhere - I’m a doctor now!

Management Information Systems & Finance!

Geology, huh. Shocker! :rofl: Does that mean you’re a shale huntin’ frac-er?

Mechanical Engineering for me.


I actually work for the State on groundwater cleanup, but there a few and far between Poke Geos who do that.

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Entrepreneurship with a minor in Economics.

Wildly useless.

Accounting with minors in Finance & Spanish

I bet that’s interesting. :+1:


Master’s in Healthcare Administration!

Management with a minor in Economics.


Political Science, International Relations, with an Area Studies Certificate in Russia and East Europe.

Chemical Engineering


Industrial Engineering and Management

Sports Management and Marketing

Not used at all but hey best four years of my life


Medical School