Oregon State game

Who all is going to the Oregon St game?

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I wish!!! I would love to travel out there to represent the Correct OSU.

A tilt for the interlocking O.

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I’ll be there!

Where’s your flight leaving out of?

Houston. Brother is flying from Tulsa to Houston and then we travel up there together.

One of my friends is flying out of Houston, I’m driving to Dallas to fly.

My wife, my parents, and I are flying out from OKC on Thursday. We went to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago for the away game and loved it.

Sadly I won’t be able to make it to Corvallis this year. My grandmother has lived in Portland for 20 years and I have had the chance to visit several places around Oregon. Corvallis is one of my favorite places I have been to. It definitely has a small college town feel and their downtown strip area is really neat area about a mile east of the stadium. There are a couple of breweries down there. One is called Flat Tail Brewing and the other is called Block 15. I’ve never been during a game day, but they both seem like they would be pretty good hangouts.

The big thing you will want to do is stop at fresh fruit stands that you see on your drive if you are coming from Portland. You’ll find a wide variety of places to stop from people who have wooden signs on the tailgate of their trucks parked on some of the two lane highways to large farms with gift shops. There are even some of the larger places that will let you pick your own strawberries.

I’m extremely jealous of everyone making the trip, but I hope everyone has a great time. Go Pokes!

Will have orange on in KC!

I recently moved to Eastern Washington, but it’s still almost 7 hrs away. Still on the fence about going or not.


1st Row, Section 12!!!

3 of us flying from Kansas City and 2 from Tulsa.

I’ll be there. Flying from Tulsa to Medford to meet up with college friends then heading up to Corvallis.

Wife and I are flying out the Tuesday before game day. Leaving from OKC and landing in Portland. Going to spend a day on the Oregon Coast and take a day trip to Crater Lake.
I’ve never been to Oregon, any recommendations on things to do, restaurants, etc would be appreciated.

For real? What seats, we have four same section, same row.

Don’t know, they are e-tickets. Won’t find out until they are delivered before the game. I’ll report back!

Living in Eugene now so I will be there. 4 osu buddies are flying out so there will be 5 of us at the game.

If you like beer, I can recommend a few breweries.