Oregon State Gameday Thread

OK, folks, gameday is here. This will be our hub for all thing Oregon State on Friday morning, afternoon and evening.

How we feeling?! Not going to lie … I’M HYPED!


Every off-season feels longer than the last. Ready for a 15-0 season, no problem :point_up_2:t2:

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I haven’t been able to focus on literally anything else for about the last two weeks.

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Boone, I’ll check in at 1am and see how hyped you are then.

I will be equally hyped at 1 a.m. as I am right now.


If the game is, like, 63-7 at 1 a.m., then I may not be quite as amped as I am right now …



This is me all day. I’m worried about passing out before the game even starts because I’ll literally have spent all my energy in hyped pregame mode.


Y’all at 3am tomorrow.



So is Bundage still hurt or attitude? Reports saying he didn’t make the trip

I don’t know the full story, but realistically to me, a veteran linebacker being hurt wouldn’t exclude him from being on the travel team. Seems like something else …

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How do I put this delicately…

I have heard from three different people that Spencer Sanders is getting the start tonight. Will that come to fruition? I don’t know, and we won’t know until game time, but it is completely opposite of everything else I’ve been reading. Gut feeling was Dru Brown would get the start, but there’s now some smoke that Sanders will get the start tonight. How fun would that be?


I hope this is accurate

Really can’t confirm the validity of it (i’m out of that game nowadays) but those that I have heard it from have been correct in the past. We will see.

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Thank you @kyleboone that’s what I have been thinking. I feel something else involved to not take a veteran to an opening away game just to help the locker room out.

Fun trip so far! Saw the Lava Bed yesterday along with a play in an outdoor theater in Ashland. Heading up to Corvallis in a few hours to start tailgating with some Beavers.

Is everybody in section 9?

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I don’t know if anyone on here was able to listen to the Mike Gundy show earlier this week and Dave Hunziker ask him if the first guy to trout out there tonight was the starter and had separated him self from the other and he said yes, that the QB is going to make mistakes and miss throws but they don’t want him looking over his shoulder. To me it sounds like he has changed his tune from what he has been saying all fall camp. Would like to get you guys thoughts.


Yeah, I mentioned it over in the QB1 Race Thread a bit ago. Really interesting nugget just thrown out there by Dave.

Does anyone understand how the line has dropped to -14? I get its a late road game but it sounds like this is the KU of the Pac12.

No Bundage and it’s PAC after dark so the public is getting frisky.

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We are 13 hours from Pokes 2019 FB kickoff! My mind is like a super-computer…fast and accurate! My 5 BOLD predictions for 2019!

  1. Defense breakout POY(s)? The wrestler(s)-Brock Martin/Malcom Rodriquez
  2. Offense breakout POY(s)? Patrick Mckaufman/Offensive line
  3. MVP of 2019? Matt Ammendola…guy has a cannon of leg …his accuracy improves and he wins 2 (TBD)big games at end with his leg
  4. Sean Gleeson? We all fall in love with him by season end
  5. QB? - who cares …just win baby!
  6. BONUS? Jelani Woods becomes our ‘go to’ guy for 1st downs …
    Last but not least …Robert Allen looses 200lbs and becomes 1st down marker holder …
    Go Pokes!
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