OSU a Big Underdog vs. Iowa State in Week 8

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The Pokes are 2-0 this season as underdogs.

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Jim Knowles: “Go Ahead, Make my day!”


Why are recent articles so short? They’re starting to become the length of Facebook posts.

thats fair…any quality home team is worth 3.5…winning in dkr…in a comeback…amongst 100,000…thats worth 6…its a push…4th quarter…little things…returns…field goals…interceptions fumbles…missed tackles…

Webber Got his composite number he is a 4 :star2:
We move up to 32 and 5th in big 12. It will be hard to stay to high because of the lack of scholarships. I do think we will stay a top 35.

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They have him as the number one overall juco player as well, very nice.


Go tell Joey we got the number 1 tackle from juco. I sure he will cry about something

Eh he’ll figure it, I didn’t realize how big his offer list is until now

If we can get last year juco lineman going next year r line may look pretty good

We will find out about desean brown in 2 weeks. His numbers are about what ares r now.

This game scares me alittle. I think they are better than Texas by 14. Little room for air in this one. And for gods sake can sanders not throw a pick every game? It’s like we start every game down 7. “Sanders stop man!”


Dnt worry Jeff lil be rite here for u when the game kicks off. We beat that same team last year.

Yea just gives me bad feelings lol.

You all need to understand sports betting in IOWA. That’s what is driving the escalation from originally -4.5 to today -7. In other words they have to win by 8 to get paid. So far today 71% of $$ wagered has been to ISU for the win. 28% for OSU. That spread may even be higher at kickoff, because in IOWA you can place a bet on the game via Internet, in-person be, or even a phone call to your chosen rep. Very easy to do.

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Never thought I’d be jealous of people living in Iowa

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@jeff38 I don’t blame. I feel the same way. It’s in Ames and not only is their offense better, but their defense is just as good as our statistically speaking. Not a good feeling about this one but hopefully I’m wrong.

Let me ask u this is lowa Baylor and no. Iowa better then us. None of them got overwhelmed

What more would you have liked to read about this topic in the article that was not included?

Cyclones are always tough for the Pokes. Definitely remember 2011.
Looking at their schedule so far, they lost to Iowa and Baylor. Big wins over KU and UNLV, which have a total of 1 win between them. Barely beat Northern Iowa. Only quality win was at K-State. So I’m not seeing any justification for that big of a point margin.

If OSU’s defense plays as well as it has, and the offense can minimize mistakes and stop being so predictable, I would think OSU wins this. But it could be tight.


Northern Iowa lost to South Dakota by 2 td. Yes the same South Dakota ku beat.