OSU Baseball: Cowboys Survive Long Day with Extra-Innings Win against Arkansas

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The Cowboys scored 43 runs Sunday to keep their season alive.

Really dnt know what to say. Caught stealing, catcher interference, 4 errors and questionable coaching. Our batting practice was just better.

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Like Robert, I have mixed thoughts and emotions about this game.
I was so disappointed in the pitching on Sunday night that I just could not stand listening to another giving up the lead because of the weak bull pen so I turned off the game only to be shocked this morning reading that we pulled out the game. This great win came in spite of Rob Walton, as usual, keeping pitchers in the game past when they should have been yanked after struggling. On the other hand, I marvel at the clutch hitting of this team, while I wonder what they could do if they had a healthy stable of pitchers such as Bryce Osmond, Victor M., and relievers. As I said since the later part of the season, I don’t think this team can advance because of lack of pitching. The inability to turn those 2 double plays by Riggio, and then to pull the game out in spite of that, along with terrible relievers on the mound, is just amazing. Tomorrow we will see if the Cowboys have anything left in the tank, considering the fatigue factor. Phankashar, or whatever is name is, has no arm left. Same for Huey. So we really have one reliever, Nolan. That is not good for going forward. But the fighting spirit at this level is something we have not seen from other teams that I can recall. With healthy pitchers, this would be a CWS team. Who goes over 120 pitches these days? Amazing sacrifice. It also shows that Rob Walton really cannot rely on his corps of relievers. Was Riggio filled with too much adrenaline when he made those errant throws to first during the attempted double plays? Clean up the errors, eat some spinach, and hope that you don’t have to make a call to the bull pen early on Monday night. Because of the crappy pitching, I won’t bother to drop the 7 bucks to turn Espn+ to watch the next game. What a roller coaster ride with this team.

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On rob deal, its not new. He has keep pitchers in to long since he has been here.

I dnt see nolan able to go. There are still a group of guys. Plus there are a couple he hasnt pitch that have pitched against good competition. We mite even see campbell throw an inning.

Just hope Mendes is on for 6. I know that means 7, lol. Got to get jake and dave hot. Yes dave had a homer and jakes had some hits. We them all.

Has anybody heard what happened to osmond. I didnt think he got pulled for an injury.

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“IF”… a very big if… lol if Nolan can go, I hope they use him to ‘start’. I expressed a sentiment on the pics thread that our only pitching advantage is a two way player that can possibly give us an inning or two, go back to third, then possibly get another out or two late since he never leaves the game.

GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :baseball: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I like your think but hoping a guy that played 10 hrs of ball throw 2 innings mite not have it in him.

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I’m really proud of those boys. Hope they can go all the way!!!

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Same here!!! Really proud of the toughness and the clutch hitting. Yes, it’s been hit or miss sometimes w/ the bats…but man…when these guys get it going, they are nuclear hot. Pitching….I gave up on Rob Walton’s decision-making long ago. Got roasted for it too. Oh well….We are just lucky that we have guys who can throw a strike or two when we absolutely gotta have ‘em! Knock on wood, the defense has been fairly solid. The hesitation and double-clutching on throws to first needs to stop though. It’ll cause more wild throws and cost runs eventually. But man alive, after yesterday’s 11 hours of ball, you can’t tell me this squad doesn’t have some of that 1980’s-1990’s Cowboy baseball DNA inside of it. Really, really proud and excited! Go Pokes!!!


They remind you of the days when the baseball team could out score the football team. What was the score against Missouri State last year?

I’ll check.

23-16. Immediate red flags concerning the offense popped up. The red flags didn’t ever fully go back down throughout the season.


I like that the baseball team has one good day and you two lil gurls go after gundy.

I didn’t go after him. Just gave the score and observed that there were issues. Didn’t even mention Gundy first. You did. You’re too quick to jump on anybody to defend Gundy even when it’s not even necessary.

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Jug mention it first then you. I commented on your " red flag" deal.
I did comment about the score on another post. Because, i knew 1 of the stooges would comment, and jug didnt let me down.
Its common to relate these scores to football games, just not to a team that went 12 and 2.

They are super sensitive about Gundy. It’s best to not engage with the mentally tender about certain subjects. They feel the need to strike out.

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Lol. Your the one bring up football, like there was a problem. Baseball had plenty of coaching issue to drag in football into it.
Its very odd for a “sane” person to only come on at the end of the season after a score like that. Did you even listen or watch any games this season. Go back and check your meds. I hope your family knows of your problems. Could be genetics, they need to know.

I didn’t see the name “Gundy” mentioned in AR’s post.

Implied. I know with your lack of knowledge and compensation you have troubles understanding these things.

I actually thought you were going to be the one to mention it. I lost the bet.

Surprised you havent commented on the latest 3 star recruit as the other 2 stooges did.

I only got to go to 2 games. Watched several and the only problem I had with the season is ESPN+.
I think OSU could stream their own and do better.

What? The baseball team scored in double digits like 19 times this season, there wasn’t just one good day.

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