OSU Commit Jelani McDonald Goes From Unranked to Four-Star Just Weeks After Pokes Pledge

Originally published at: OSU Commit Jelani McDonald Goes From Unranked to Four-Star Just Weeks After Pokes Pledge | Pistols Firing

McDonald is now OSU’s highest-ranked 2023 commit.

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I can’t believe guys like Carey Murdock missed this kid ! Recruiting gurus know all about everything!


Hey Roberto, 1moved up that is positionless and two moved down and the rest well I guess are true 3 stars. Maybe next year uh kid. Gundy for president!!


I have know idea what you think your saying. If your talking ranks of kids 247 did a article on rankings. This kid and zane moved up and nothing else. This round.
By the end of the year zane will be a 4 star just like last years qb.


Overall rank 53! Gundy is killing it! What was it I said a few days ago? 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

Oh I almost forgot. “WE HAVE A LOGO TOO!”
It’s just that there’s 52 other logos ahead of our in recruiting.

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Theses gundy clowns don’t want to hear truth. They just say bla bla bla😂 or I said he’s class would not be ranked high this year. LOL yea I could have told them that. Hell every year’s class won’t be ranked high.

If our recruiting is so bad then why do y’all expect championships?


Ok gundy clowns your turn. Go ahead and twist it to make your dady look good😂

Everybody knew this class would be small. Not to many more will be add. 5 maybe at most. 87 per player is a good number its just we dnt have the scholarships. Even at 10 we did 3 to transfer or go early.

Gundy’s has talk about these things. We have so many stay around from there covid year and will stay.

Ive talked about this. Even with low number its a balance group. Next year will be a big class.

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If your satisfied with recruiting then explain to me why Gundy can’t win championships? Isn’t he the greatest coach in school history? It’s not like we’re talking a national title here. OU was eliminated from the conference title twice in Gundy’s tenure, and he still found a way to lose both of those championship opportunities. There’s two equations left here.

  1. Either we need better coaching to get championships

  2. We need better players to win championships

You have been crying gundy didnt take that 2 star qb out of tulsa. How would that help. That was a great point i twisted. Lol pathetic jeff

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Never said anything about satisfied it’s a simple question. I don’t think programs win 12 games beating ou, Texas, and notre dame in the same year with both terrible coaching and terrible players.


Uo is the flag ship now texas did good till 2010. Uo need a 4 team playoff now too. No one else is going to the playoffs not even your great Baylor coaches.


Really? You’re going to count Texas as a big win? A team that Kansas got there first road win against after 56 straight road losses? You sound even more desperate than Roberto to make Gundy look better than he might actually be.

Yep!!! Your traditional powerhouses like Kentucky, Arizona, South Carolina, Indiana, Mississippi State, SMU, Illinois, Maryland, NC State, K State, Rutgers, BC, Wake Forest, Pitt, Iowa State, Minnesota, Duke, WV, Northwestern, Louisville, Texas Tech, Cincinnati, and who could forget Arkansas.

They probably will before Gundy.

Did I say big win? No I said that it’s not something that programs like Oklahoma state usually do in one season. Say what you want about Texas I hate that school, but you can’t deny the talent they have year in and year out


Does Texas usually have over a decade of irrelevance? I mean….how many times have you seen a BB lose to Kansas twice in 5 years? Or the equivalent of?

Doesn’t really matter much if it’s not put to good use. Those players on the OU teams that Bob Simmons beat won a national title. If Roberto is going to downplay the wins against OU in the 90’s then I don’t see the difference in hyping up wins against a Texas program that’s struggled for over a decade.

Okay who hyped them up? Please show me where I ever hyped them up? If you wanna quote Robert talk to him.