OSU Drops Out of the Top 25 following TCU Loss

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For the first time this season the Cowboys are unranked.

I had a feeling at the beginning of the season they might fall out of the top 25 before it ended.

Gundy still averages 4th in the conference and if we hadn’t lost Nebraska, Texas A&M, Missouri and Colorado we’d be averaging 6th.

Send gundy packing but thank him

They had no business there anyway. No Offense. No defense. I mean c’mon who have they played. Gundy is a two star coach, three at best, just like his recruits. Send him packing. OU says otherwise. I wonder why. Spend the bucks for a real coach. If not, at least no long contracts (to the dufuses making those decisions). And for Pete’s sake, lower the ticket cost. OSU is not and will never be an Elite football program. You want more fans for this mediocre program? Be realistic!

Something that I wrote a year ago.

Dec 28, '19

The Rundown: Gundy Says He Thinks There’s a ‘Good Chance’ Hubbard Stays

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He’s coming back to be 4th in the conference and go to the Cheez-it bowl?

Good thing no expectations for Gundy!