OSU Football: Cowboys' 2021 Schedule Released

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The Cowboys have seven home games scheduled for 2021.

Well got some tuff road games

Found it a little strange they only have 11 games next season. I think they go either 7-4 or 6-5 next season.

9 conference games + 3 non-conference games = 12 games

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That’s right!!! Didn’t notice the orange highlight on Missouri State. Went and looked it up elsewhere and apparently we were to play Rice on September 4th.

So was Rice going to be too difficult of an opponent? Is that why we have Missouri State again?

Missouri State
Boise State

Due to the postponement of most non-conference games in 2020, a lot of the previously arranged 2021 non-conference games are being rescheduled to allow some of the 2020 matchups to be played in 2021.

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I see 8 victories provided that Iowa State does not drastically improve.

Iowa State will probably be picked to get 2nd in the conference this upcoming season.


All depends on Sanders we could be 10 plus or 7.

Well then, thank goodness Kansas remains in the Big 12. Money in the bank.
Still strange how a national championship coach accepted a bottom feeder job. He would have been better off taking a juco job in a nice scenic and warm climate state where he could play plenty of golf and have very little pressure.

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Yea I would have waited for one of the Arizona schools their always hirer and could win there

I agree that how the season goes will mostly fall on Sanders shoulders. If he has not significantly improved then it won’t look good. The defense can only do so much. Let’s hope that the QB coach knows how to work on Sander’s glaring weaknesses that we have seen each season. If Rattay can’t fix the problems then get a better QB coach while Gundy is out shopping for a real special teams coach. Time to eliminate any weak links in the program.

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I wonder if the Dr. Pepper commercials pay better than what Miles gets from KU?
He had a better chance of a having a successful career in TV commercials than he does with a career as coach at KU.

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Looking like an 8-4 season


Special teams coach isn’t gonna happen. Gundy is too stubborn. How many times has the special teams had a game losing/win jeopardizing blunder in recent years? Too many and he still does nothing about it year after year.

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That goes to a ton of teams. Some with st coach.

There has been 0 improvement though. OSU needs a special teams coach but I highly doubt we get one any time soon.

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I’m not following what u mean by 0 improvement. Punter is doing good. We need a back up kicker. R coverage is fine. We need to fine better returners. But none of this is what ur talking about.
Hopefully Presley will show us more next year then he did this.

He accepted it because they are willing to pay him 2.8 million a year for three years. Would you do it? Or would you turn down another 8.4 mil? You gotta a lot more to learn buddy.