OSU Football: Cowboys Add Noncon Matchup with South Dakota State in 2024

Originally published at: OSU Football: Cowboys Add Noncon Matchup with South Dakota State in 2024 | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys and Jackrabbits will square off for the first time.

I really think we need to schedule Rhode Island, a few years ago Kansas beat them 55 to 6.

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Pssst. Aye @ar1 … ex-gf… you aren’t funny.

At. All.


He amuses himself. He makes little dinosaurs out of his poop when he isn’t supervised that amuse him as well.


Why not just keep Central Michigan on the schedule? Are we afraid we’ll lose to them again or something?

@joe15 too busy getting prepared to beat uo, tex, and bay again on the way to the b12 champ game…again

Enjoy your pity party when we raise the trophy, you are such a negative person you wont even be able to enjoy it



We schedule non-conference games like we’re Kansas. :grin::grin::grin:

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Been waiting 10 years so far🤷‍♂️. Hopefully we do. Maybe we’ll have an offense that can move 5 feet for the win this time.

Jug still trying to embarrass us into believing his logic.
Sdsu is a great team ranked top 10 last 6 year. Top 25 last 10. Semi’s last year runner up the year before.

Go look at any of your idol teams there playing fcs just the bad ones. Every year over 95 % of the power 5 teams play fcs teams. Get over it.

The other point it doesnt help us to not play them.

You point out how it would help us we mite think about. Your deal is competition. Bs. We had the 7th best sos. Why is that whe we played msu. We played 6 teams in 7 games that were ranked when we played them or in the end. 4 games against top 10 teams. All but what 2 or3 teams we played made bowls or playoffs.

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Joy thats a good icon for you. Throw your arms up and surrender.

If you go figure average with the place they finished tied or not over 17 year we are 3.6. If you throw out the 1st year we our 3.1. In the last 13 years we are 2.8.
We have had the second best record or tied 7 times. We have 5 times the second or best record. 3 times tied for best recond with twice having the best.

11 times 3rd or better. In the last 13 years we have been in the top 3 spots 11 times. Thats competing.
When your one of the best or a few point or a game out thats competing.

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You’d seethe if we won. You went on a tear after 12 wins.


When you have 3 conference title trophies in the last 10 years, you don’t have to try to show someone on paper cause you can show them your trophy case.

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Jug the normal fans would have loved more titles.
Your not normal. I showed were not 4th. So now ots titles. I can argue titles or bedlam with osu history. But, you lie about 4th place mediocre mike crap is that crap. We are the 2nd best team. We have always been there. Others teams have a good year.
Just like you lied about being 12th as many times as 1st. We have finished the league 3 times with the best record.

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How times have we finished 1st in the final standings.

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Its funny every talks about regular seaon champs until its mike gundy and osu football.
Stop pushing it jug. We would have made 5 title games. Before gundy we would have made 1.
I have already said all of us we love more titles.
All your doing is repeating yourself rainman. Dnt try and proving anything, i will bounce it out of here.
You talk like your an adult, why do you cry so much.

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Hey I’m glad we got 12 wins and were lucky enough to get by ND. I’m just saying if our coach didn’t play scared when it matters most we would have our second conference title by now.

So what you’re saying is give Gundy another 17 years and we might be #1.

The 3rd place team doesn’t get to play in the conference title game. It’s kind of hard to compete for a championship if you don’t make the conference title game. Just remember that for future reference.

Only you and your fake account (Michael) talk about being regular season champs. I’ve not seen anyone else on here talk about how awesome it is to win the regular season and not the trophy.

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I know you havent seen it. Where your head is its dark. Every time they talk about ku 13 league titles or what evey the number was in a row those were.

In every sport the talk regular season. So joy go down that rabbit whole. Only ou and texas have more big 6 bowls and texas has 1 since 2009. These are things you cry about.

3rd places is important to jug he talks all the time about 4th place. But 3rd place means you were competing. I would love but wont see 3rd place in bb.

I forgot our average is 1 in the last year. Speacking of title games how many titles games has Baylor won. And tcu was concerned the champ the one year. Like i said there are side stuff to when a title.
First you have to have title game, not be in the same division as the other top team, injuries and luck.
One thing gundy has proven he can compete every year. Not the 4th place mediocre mike you guys make him out to be.

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Yes…because it’s more impressive than one in a row :roll_eyes:.

More than Gundy ever will.