OSU Football: Cowboys Add Noncon Matchup with South Dakota State in 2024

Not a good game to schedule. Better beat them by 30 .


Not a good game to play. You better beat that really good nobody team by a good margin.

Joy baylor had two so called titles with out a title game. The same could have been for us. 2010 and last year could have been titles for us. So dnt go on about that crap. Baylor has only had the most league wins once. If you would actually read what i rite you would look like a fool.

You are trying so hard to prove to evrryone your a petty lil fanatic.

I saw your talking about big 6 bowls we only trail ou since 2011. And gundy is 9th as a coach in wins in bowls all time.

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You’re confusing joy and jug with facts. Facts they don’t acknowledge and won’t use them because it proves them wrong. Facts : joy wants it written down for him. He and jug are too stupid to remember the good wins , just the occasional bad loss. Every team has them yet these two bozos think it shouldn’t ever happen. Keep crying you two yahoos

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Is it just me or is the 2024 - 2029 non conference slate looking pretty tough. We face a legitimate power 5 team every year.

The Jackrabbits have a heck of a program and OSU won’t be able to just show up and win this game. As a fan I like the non conference schedule going forward. Reminds me of the OSU and Georgia non conference matchups that were fun to watch.

With how the CFP is currently constructed I think OSU scheduling 2 bad programs and 1 not very good power 5 is the way to go. If CFP is expanded then I like those future non conference games. I actually hope they don’t expand CFP. I don’t care to see 5 SEC schools in the playoffs out of 8 teams.


I’m impressed with the 2024 thru 2029 schedule and don’t mind paying $1200 for the tickets but college football is about tradition and the schedule from 2015 to today has sucked.

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Lol traditional the only non con game is tulsa

So i dnt know what you are babbling on about.

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Hey dumbace I’m talking about bringing in schools that have tradition. Like Georgia and Florida State or Ohio State. But you keep trolling around and commenting on every single post then someday they might name the site after you.

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Is this like when bluebloods don’t wants to schedule us bc there is more to lose than to win ? I respect SDSU but ask anyone on the street and they’ll reply SDSwho


Thats funny you pick 3 teams gundy has played.

We have tried to explain to about scheduling.

I asked you how playing Alabama would help us. You must not know. I will say that loosing ou and texas we will need these games coming up to help in tv eye balls.

But losing the traditional game we play with an fcs opponent will stay.

I dnt answer to every post. I do post to your stupid chit. Last time i checked this is an open forum. Just because you want to cry freely im sorry. If you make better points i wouldnt post. Try stop lieing.

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We haven’t scheduled Ohio State in non-conference since 1989 and haven’t played them since Gundy has been HC. We’ve only played 2 power 5 teams in the last 7 years. In 2015 we played Central Michigan Central Arkansas and UTSA. They should pay us to even come watch that chit.

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@ar1 how long have you been the exgf?


They were able to win them too.

And three conference titles.

The facts are you don’t get trophies in football for winning the regular season. What’s next?

You really don’t know the answer to that? Let’s say hypothetically speaking Gundy loses to Bama and wins the rest of his games and the conference (that’s why I said hypothetically). If Gundy’s only blemish is a loss to an Alabama team that’s in the top 5 he’s going to get more credibility for that than beating three “nobody gives a chit” schools going undefeated.

OSU is not in a position to where they can go undefeated and hope to beat out a one loss Clemson, ND, or Michigan. That’s just not going to happen. You know it, I know it, and everyone else on this blog knows it. However, if you can show you’ve played a better non-conference schedule and overall schedule (looking at ND here) then you’re going to get the benefit of the doubt.

If you’re going before the selection committee they’re most likely going to have their eyes glued to the Alabama team you’ve played and could care less about seeing Tulsa or Missouri State there. If you’re a team that has Tulsa, Missouri State, and Arizona State (who’s not any good) they’ve show over the years they’re not as impressed and less inclined to give a school like OSU the benefit of the doubt.

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You really do try to impress. Is it me or your daddy your trying to impress.

How do you make it throw a day. That was a rhetorical question.
Yes a lose to Alabama wouldnt hurt. But it would be easier to not schedule Bama and win all the games in your hypothesis.
You lied they do hand out regular season trophies. Baylor has 2.
Look if you dnt want to see that gundy has won enough games to have been in 5 title games or won aenough games to have 3 regular titles. Thats fine.

Thats why you dad thinks we are 4th. And you cant understand why we have the 2nd most wins for years. It doesnt fit your narrative to see the facts

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The problem is he can’t beat the teams that are winning the conference when it counts.
Against Baylor 4-7
Against OU 2-8


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I love how you can try and make it simple for your mind. Gundy was 6 and 1 before. He is 2 and 1 with dave. You always try to compare some situations you think you have an advantage on.
I really dnt want to hear from you on baylor. Because you jug would have fired both dave and rehule after their first season.
Baylor benefited by not having a title game twice.
You keep ignoring how gundy stays competitive. Take gundys worse 2 seaons in the last 10 years. 14 wins to baylors 3 wins. In the last 13 years gundys has been tied for second or higher 7 times. That my friend is over half. Has had the most wins in conference 3 times. Could have gone to a title game 6 times. All of this is more then baylor.
You keep going on abouth 4th place we have finished 5th or low 4 times.


@ar1 @joe15 thats yo azzzzzz :comet::comet::comet:

@robert28 really a low key football sensei


When I point out facts you get upset because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Otherwise, you wouldn’t write a novel defending such things.

When TCU’s only loss was barely to a Top 5 Baylor team in 2014 they got snubbed from the CFP. When Baylor’s only loss was to a 6-6 WV team they got snubbed (and Baylor was conference champions).

When Ohio State lost by two touchdowns on their own home field to a 6-6 VT team the committee and literally everyone else did everything they possibly could to get them in.

You won’t ever get the benefit of the doubt if you’re not a blue blood. Sometimes even if that means you go undefeated. The only reason Cincinnati got in was because of the victory over ND. Had that been a victory over Boise State, and not ND, Cincinnati is sitting on the outside looking in while Ohio State heads to the CFP.

The only conference’s in the country right now that can in some way determine how good the teams in their conference might be are the SEC and Big 10. The Big 12, PAC-12, and ACC have been very fluid in nature in recent years. If we go 13-0, and beat two teams that finish in the top 25 what purpose or justification does that serve if we’re in contention with a team like ND who is 11-1, or 12-0 with wins over four or five teams that finished in the top 25?

All I’m saying is to think outside the box here for a moment (if you can). Going 13-0 or making the non-conference schedule relatively easy isn’t always going to be an automatic ticket. A close Alabama loss is probably going to be looked at as more respectable than barely getting by Arizona State.

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