OSU Football: Cowboys Add Noncon Matchup with South Dakota State in 2024

Because you know it’s true and can’t stand it.

Joy the only facts you talk about i say is true. The only 2 facts. Titles and bedlam. I point out that baylor benefited by winning theirs as co champion or no title game.
Talk about a novel didnt even read it you bounced around. The deal is if you go 13 and 0 your in with out the benefit of a loss to bama. Do you even read what you rite. The tcu and baylor deal is why were have a title game. It was the big 12 fault for not picking a winner and being strong with there pick. They have ess went with tcu because they were higher ranked. It was bs.

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Yes I do proofread what I write. Do you read what I write? Obviously you don’t. There are a ton of different variables that can happen in the future. The SEC and Big 10 continue to move in directions to make their conferences stronger. While we are behind and throwing scraps together. It’s like trying to make a Dodge truck equal to a Toyota. The Big 12 is too far behind.

If the SEC and Big 10 consolidate enough big time programs the Big 12 could possibly see themselves on the outside looking in. Unless….they expand the playoff. I know in your little fairy tale land that you think the Big 12 is the best and will get the benefit of the doubt, but I’m telling you if we don’t have any blue bloods our chances of having any other team from this conference go to the CFP is pretty slim unless you have teams from the Big 10 and SEC suffer multiple losses.

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Your wasting everybody’s time. I know where the big 12 is. As long as ou and texas are here a 13 and 0 team will go. Playoff is expanding to 12. No 13 and 0 team power 5 will be left out. We werein until the title game with 1 loss and no Alabama loss. Your fairy tales r bent.

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First of all Gundy has never went 13-0 and at 12-1 he was passed over. 12-1 with out a win over OU is not as good. Welcome to the the new Big12.

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There you going jug, stepping rite in that pile. The 12 and 1 or 13 and 0 was your daughter deal. And really that was about any big 12 team. Then you leftout the expansion.
You and joy ignore everything. Its all about firing gundy. How do you sleep at nite. Your wanting something for years and wont come about for years.
What are you try to make happen. Firing gundy you will never cause. Converting people after a 12 and 2 season wont happen.
You never post about anythingwithout a gundy jab. Dont you feel you need meds.

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Exgirlfriends :comet:


That’s where you’re wrong. If Baylor can win three conference titles in less than a decade then there is no reason why Gundy shouldn’t have three in 17 years. Baylor has also recruited the same or worse as us as of late. They’ve also done it under two different coaches and three different coaches have led them to a conference title game.

You’re excusing something that should’ve happened in 2013 and last year. Why? Because the HC and his staff went into those games totally unprepared. What coach in their right mind runs the same exact offensive game plan knowing they’re down a starting lineman and 1,200 yard rusher? What kind of coach waits until he’s down multiple scores before letting his offense loose to wear a defense down and score?

Gundy is that kind of coach. He’s proven it. While Gundy is good at getting wins against anyone not named OU and Baylor he’s consistently proven more often than not that he knows how to phuck up a good thing. You can make all the excuses you want for Gundy when it comes to 2013 and last season, but you know deep down that AR and myself are correct on this one and you ABSOLUTELY just can’t stand it.

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Joy i was talking about gundy being fired. Stop crying. Seriously do you think of anything else. I doubt it. One trank mind with tunnel vision. Stop rewriting blah blah blah. I listened to your sorry ess i already know what yourgping to say. Expand your views. At least wait for a year that we didnt go to the title game and a big6 bowl. Your not real a good fan. All you and your daddy want is titles. You dnt even care anout the players or anything. Just stop

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Whatever is going to happen in realignment will happen. Gundy has improved our signature enough to get us in a top 40 , 2 conferences. We sure as hell wouldn’t have been there before the last 18 years of starting to win and relevant in the conference. You write a thesis of nothing but babble joy, no one reads it … hope it makes you feel important. No one else does

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Yep!!! That definitely explains your infatuation with Gundy. Can’t even admit when the guy phucks up!!!

Obviously you did. Stop acting like you don’t care. It’s obvious you do.

It’s the same ole chit so I don’t need to read it joy. You read it once you know what it will be … I don’t know how you and jug consider yourself fans, both of you are trolls

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Rite joy its funny i only redpond to you and your dad jug about gundy. I talk to everyone else about the article posted. Something you can never do. You would post one non gundy deal then back to gundy.

You can’t tell unless you read it.

True fans and alums don’t settle for less. The only alum that’s content with doing that is Mike Gundy, and the only fan that is content with it is you (and your Robert account).

What’s a “redpond”? You’re making this too easy man.

Majority of people talk bad about why do you think we only have 1 person. Maybe eveybody are bots.

Yes joy you found a typo. You mean so lil i dnt edit.

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