OSU Football Narrowly Favored Over Baylor on Saturday

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It’s the smallest margin OSU has been favored in all season.

Can’t have bad special teams. ISU’s special teams was shiit and Baylor took advantage of it. Gotta clean it up.


Meaning….they think OSU will win anywhere from 3-7 points, or Baylor will leave Stillwater barely getting by with a W. Gundy was right. Looks like it’s going to be a 4th quarter game.

I just don’t know how you make it through everyday with your constant negativity. It’s very unbecoming

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What did I say that was negative? All I did was simply state what the odds makers think might happen.

U didn’t even.get that rite. In tite games betters will give up to 3 points for home team. So they think this is close but osu is better.

That’s not always what it means Loyd. The people making this line are in agreement with what I just posted here. Even Gundy admitted it would be a 4th quarter game. That is, unless, you think Gundy might be wrong?

Okay Joe thanks for agreeing with Gundy!

Based on the line and the Total, the bettors are thinking its a 27-23 OSU win. Just trying to clarify for a couple of posters that tend to get a whole, whole bunch wrong. Or, let me rephrase.

Jussed trieing 2 clearafy fore a kupple of posders that ten’d 2 git a hole hole buntch rong

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So basically an OSU win between 3-7 points? Kind of like what I said above, but Loyd telling me I’m wrong. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

How’s them Sooner blogs looking

Dude…its ridiculous. OU fans are hard to handle when we win…but when we lose…its a plethora of poo

Yea I’ve been seeing a lot since the booing happened, but apparently rattlers not very liked in general by the student union as a whole at OU. Idk if you’ve heard that at all or if it’s true at all

Students are a fickle bunch. Rattler is a prisoner of what the 3 guys before him did. If he starts rolling, he’ll be fine. But his demeanor and way he carries himself seems to be a lot more like Rhett Bomar than Baker, Jalen or Kyler. Seems to be more of a ME guy than a TEAM guy

Yeah that’s kind of the things I’ve heard. Maybe he’ll get it together like he did last year. Dudes got generational arm talent when he’s on

Booing isnt an issue to me. These guys nowadays have plenty, plenty of good PR and praise heaped upon them. So being able to handle some criticism or booing is to be expected IMO. But the chanting of “We want Caleb” was absolute trash.

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Yea I agree, definitely not a good look. Especially with all the recruits I heard were at the game.

All sites have prominent debbie downers. Were lucky we along have 1 full time one.
Thats a odd take on Baker. Sure he might have said “us” I just always took that as his , me myself and I.

I loved mason but I wish he could get his team pumped like baker could, dudes just a natural leader

I know there is no need to replace rattler. I find it hard to understand why the “pros” think it would be worse.
Is it just because he is a freshman, or has he not shown anything the times he has been in.