OSU Freshman OL Trent Pullen Enters Transfer Portal, per Report

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The second-highest ranked recruit of the 2020 class is moving on.

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Well he is see the lite russ was a head of him. Second highest I know at least 6 freshman played this yr to scored one threw some tds. As a class had a jc play and score. 3 transfer. So almost half the class seen action.

I would think an offensive line that bad would try to hold on to every guy they have.

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Why can’t gundy get this offensive line issue in check that has been ailing this university for 10 years? You wanna know why? Because he needs to go that’s why. It’s only the most important thing you need to have an capable scoring offense. Unbelievable that this has not been talked about more from media and people trying to find out the problem of our football team since Holgerson left.

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ar1, years ago, when told OSU was returning 20 starters, OU head coach Barry Switzer had this to say:


What is it with OSU and always losing the higher rated players in each recruiting class? That general trend just doesn’t make sense overall. For Trent, is/was it a “playing time” dispute (as in he expected to play a lot more after the starters were decimated by injury)? Irrespective, one would think there would still be plenty of time to improve and earn legitimate playing time next year.

Gundy doesn’t like 4 star kids

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Got to get’em out before they ruin the cowboy culture

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No, probably has to do with thinking your a 4 star on a average football team and not getting to play when they are without any offensive lineman. Can’t say I would do the same if I thought I was good enough. I mean when your playing walk on’s over 4 stars then… or he’s a bust. But gundy will gundy and play a veteran walk on over a true freshman no matter how good he is.


He has jeff why dnt u open ur eyes. Are u the only one that knows we lost 3 oline before season started and 2 by first half of tulsa game.
I know jeff u r a true blue Gundy hater and no excuse is good.
Just like u I dnt care how many Baylor bears water gurls were out sick from virus.
Without Jenkins also how many sacks did oline give up last 3 games. Do give me that bs oh it was my sister in law’s sorority.
U guys make more excuses for other teams I’ve every hear.
Gundy hired Dickey that’s how we will fix it. Most portals from any schools dnt play up or side ways. They go down in there new school.
Most r mom boys who found out their not a 4 star.
Don’t worry all school have lots of transfer, yes joe ou too. Ksu is already up to 13.

What is odd u guys want to talk about one guy, not the rest of the freshman class.

Carson Kropp gone also.

Yea klopp hurts more. I would have thought he start making he mark. I know he played some last yr. Never heard it this yr. I know he was doing sp teams. He would be on scholarship next too

Not sure Carson ever had significant playing time and he was a walk on.

We have a pretty good O-Line coach. If this kid didn’t get any playing time there must be a reason. From reading the comments it has to be Gundy’s fault this kid isn’t getting playing time. Give it a break. For many on here, they really don’t have inside information as to what goes on within the program. But it’s a lot easier to just say “Fire Gundy” smh

2015 Darrion Daniels John Kolar
2016 Calvin Bundage. Tyrell Alexander
2017 Tylan Wallace LC Greenwood
2018 CJ Moore Spencer Sanders
2019 Grayson Boomer Deondrick Glass
Langston Anderson
2020 Shane Illingworth Trent Pullen

That’s your top 2 or 3 recruits each year for the last 6 years. Would you like to guess how many have not seen any significant playing time and have transferred? 8 have transferred, 4 were actually playing this year. Do you want to tell me that not one of those 8 are better than the 2 or low 3 stars and walk-ons that are getting playing time? And if that’s true, how bad is the recruiting? How bad are the recruiting numbers when you subtract your top 2 recruits each year?
Don’t tell me this happens with every school because most of the top recruits at OU, Texas and TCU start as freshman.

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I know those school have high transfer. Texas is ur worst example. Their have transfers decommits. They cant sign legacies not done at Texas. We took a reject from tcu. And has more yards then the one they kept.
Ar1 u guys want to believe only Gundy does this stuff.
These transfers aren’t going anywhere. They just want to play. If they were good a good school would pick them up.
The best places I have heard is Tulsa with boomer and r reject linemen. Both recruited by tulsa and from tulsa. But only one wanted a tranfer.
Boomer knew he wouldn’t start till woods was gone. A 4star athlete. So not all r 3 star. Or is woods not as good as boomer. Nice run last Saturday.
Believe what u want but stop making up stuff.

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Texas has had 2 players transfer that were 4 stars this year. Now would you like to compare the percentage of 4 stars that have transferred from each school?
First Gundy can’t get but 1 or 2 players each year that are 4 stars,then 3/4 of them transfer out.
I realize Pullen is not a 4 star but was the second highest player of the class and plays the weakest position on the team yet they can’t convince him to stay. Doesn’t that make you question anything? I could understand just following blindly if Gundy had beaten OU 5 times in the last 16 years and won 3 conference titles. (Keep in mind that’s a lower winning percentage than Auburn’s coach had against Alabama)
BTW Woods is not as good as Boomer but Gundy did have a good tight end once, Brandon Pettigrew.

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What about the 5 yrs u did so osu. Do it with Texas. And how many decommits. What about not get 3rd generation legacies. I had heard their star new qb got arrested.
U act as though the ncaa invented the portal for Gundy. I’m pointing out that every school has their issues.
I know u hate Gundy but down playing other school issues is just make excuses for non cowboys.
U pick and choose details. The problem with u picking is u r bad at it.
Gus is a real piece of work. All u is look at numbers. Numbers in Auburn Alabama are different then Stillwater Oklahoma. Fine go start a money drive and get gus. U get a
Enough money to buy out Gundy I’m sure holder will listen. That’s how u solve ur problems. Not coming on here crying every day that others have better dolls to play with​:princess::fairy:‍♀:mermaid:‍♀:cowboy_hat_face: