OSU Freshman OL Trent Pullen Enters Transfer Portal, per Report

Sure every school has transfers and decommits but we are talking about 8 of the top 13 that have committed and shown up and enrolled, then came to practice. We’re talking about the few that had offers from places like OU or Georgia but they are not good enough to play for a team that was losing to teams like Texas Tech last year and TCU this year.
Take a minute and look at the top 2 or 3 recruits for OU each year and see how many sit the bench for 2 years. Rattler got more playing time behind Hurts than Sanders got behind Corndog. Look at all the receivers we’ve lost, go back to the spread offense, which is what what Sanders ran in high school and give the kid a chance to be successful.

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Well Sanders was a redshirt. God knows I would have hated to see him his freshman yr.
U are taking about ranking. Between scouting group osu has been 51 to 35. And had o 4stars to 5 4stars.
Russ was a 4 star. What if pullen really wasnt r second best. What if a lot of these guys weren’t as good as they are ranked. What if these players think there better. If were losing 4 stars why are they going to north Texas. Most r going to lower division so they can play now. Or going home to Tulsa.
I thought ksu did good on there coach. A guy who fit the culture. He lost at least 13 starters and their best recruits. Isu is lower in rankings then us.
I can go on and on ar1.
One thing in the big 12 since Gundy’s been hc, us n ou have not had a losing season. Most the others have had multiple losing season.
Their are alot of variables for osu win or losing in the big 12.

I’m actually not calling for Gundy’s job…yet. The 2017 and 2020 major let down seasons with high caliber teams is inexcusable. He needs to improve, yes, but I don’t think it’s quite time to let him go. But I am sincerely interested/concerned about the overall exit of the highest rated recruits. I didn’t do a thorough review, but a quick review for the pasts couple of seasons on public recruiting sites shows there is a trend of losing higher ranked recruits with us being one of the worst in the big 12. Perhaps PFB could do a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis to be fair. Admittedly, the apparent trend is certainly made worse by our small sample size of higher ranked recruits each year (number of high end 3-star or 4-star player). But one would think the bigger fish in the small pond would be the last to transfer to another pond…not the first to transfer. And the more higher rated recruits transfer, the less likely new higher rated recruits come in the future. And that’s what concerns me.


When you spend all your time as a HC running off the 4 star athletes your assistant coaches get to commit, and then putting walk-ons in the game then obviously it’s going to affect the performance of the team. Of course Gundy makes excuses and wonders why he doesn’t have better players for depth. Gee!!! I wonder why???

If you make a bad choice out of high school, you usually have to go to a lower school. You know like the ones that left LSU and came to play for Gundy.

We get Dee Anderson a transfer from LSU and Tay Martin a transfer from Washington State. One would think in the games you don’t have Tylan Wallace you may want to try to give those guys some more playing time to see what they can do.

So what does Gundy do? He decided to throw walk-on Landon Wolf out there so SS can try and throw it to him, and we refuse to try Langston Anderson (a 4 star recruit) out even though he would lose no eligibility this year.

Then people can’t figure out why we are still finishing anywhere from 4th to 9th in the conference with the greatest coach in school history.

No I mean r guys r go to lower division.
One thing is we don’t know why each go goes. Except hill and these 2 lineman.
Glass, Moore, boomer weren’t behind walkons. Glass and moore were have other backs jump ahead of them. Two of them have 3 100 yd games.
Had to tell way knoop( a walkon) is going. I’m sure he wants to play and a scholarship.

Yeah because Gundy has always been an excellent QB evaluator and everything. Then you wonder why people question Gundy making the decisions on who plays?

I agree are guys usually go to a lower division but that’s because they have no reps from OSU. They had no chance to shine and so their high star rating sort of “rusts”. Thus, the blue bloods that had offered them as a 4-star HS player aren’t going to be looking at them the same way now. Thus, they leave OSU to go play at a lower school. But the bigger question is WHY? If you are only one of a few high-star players at OSU, why are you not thriving? This may not have an OSU specific answer, but it’s a logical question. And if there is an OSU reason, it needs addressed.

@joe15 you’re wrong on some of your info. if you want better info, join PFB+.

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If your talking about Bryce Bray he was more than likely the #1 or #2 best lineman OSU had and was a four star recruit according to 247. I don’t know how you expect OSU to compete for a conference title let alone beat OU when the HC is kicking some of our best players off team on an annual basis.

Well I know joe and the others believe Gundy wants to lose and won’t play good players.
Glass was down to at least 5th back. With chance of never getting to play with new backs coming in.
Boomer was behind woods for 2 more yrs. And any other new guys.
Woods is a prime example. 4 star qb stayed and moved to cb. Will Sanders move or go?

You are correct. Gundy is 2-14 against OU while Malzahn was 3-5 against Alabama.

Bray got kicked off the team. It was not a voluntary move on his part. U real do need better info.

Play ur one card until ur blue in the finger.

CCG 2017- OU vs TCU

CCG 2018- OU vs Texas

CCG 2019- OU vs Baylor

CCG 2020- OU vs Iowa State

Do you see the trend here? When does the Mullet have a plan for getting us into that game? Or are we just stuck with our annual trip to the Houston or Liberty bowl?

Quarterback is a little different than the other positions because there is no rotation (usually). If Illingworth becomes QB1 in spring 2021 or fall 2021, yes, I think Sanders would transfer. Same holds the other way around too. But QB2 transfers are common at all schools because QB2 wants to become QB1. What is less common is losing your highest recruits on your team in positions where there is more depth and rotation.

No I dnt see what ur saying :sunglasses:

You don’t know what you have in a 4 star recruit when you refuse to play them. Of course Gundy doesn’t mind playing SS despite his consistent turn over issues and refuses to play to Sanders strengths as well.

If you allow your assistant coaches to keep good players on the team then as a HC you can’t continue to be a payroll bandit and get away with mediocre seasons.