OSU Has 200-1 Odds To Win 2021 College Football Playoff Title

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The way-too-early odds put OSU on the same level as Nebraska.

It’s funny stuff Nebraska Arkansas funny stuff

When your program underperforms 7 of the last 9 seasons and never ever beats their rival do you blame them for giving those odds?

So you’re saying there’s a chance!


Did u hear we have a chance

Call those people up and tell them you’ve seen improvement.

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We got a chance for 5th place in the conference maybe.

I’d be willing to wager we perform better next season without the pressure of competing for a conference title. This isn’t like 2014 or 2018 where it was a rebuild. We just need to shore up a few weaker spots.




By perform better, are you saying finish above 4th?

Yes. Behind OU and ISU, I don’t see anyone that is obviously any better than us. I don’t see Sark as an upgrade over Herman. They’ll be pretty good, but they’ll be Texas. Outside of them, who else? TCU? WV? KSU with Skylar Thompson back? I actually think we may be better next year. Sanders having a full spring and fall camp will help. Having a much better OL will do the offense wonders. Breakout candidate at WR in Presley, and if Tay Martin comes back we will be fine at WR. M-Rod coming back helps the LB spot tremendously. Need to fill Amen’s spot. Need some depth at CB, hopefully Harper can play over there. Safety is still very strong, even without Peel. Jason Taylor has looked good in spot duty. Having Alex Hale yeah back will obviously help in the points department.

I would wager a couple of orders of Joe’s Cheese fries on that.

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9-4 or 10-3

How is Arkansas, Indiana, and Cincinnati at 200-1? I know Cincinnati was good this year but they’re not even in the power 5, they’re not making the playoffs. Arkansas and Indiana suck. People make these odds are stupid.

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They want wagers. Can’t imagine how many fans take a flyer on long odds.

Indiana finished ahead of us in the rankings.

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I’m pretty confident Indiana would beat the team we had this year. Tom Allen is a hell of a coach. Watching him talk to his team is what I wish current day Gundy would be like.


Why would u want Gundy to talk to Indiana’s team.:upside_down_face::joy::wink::crazy_face::flushed::sob::pleading_face::scream::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:
To bad he cant beat ranked teams. Or win bowl against 4 and 5 teams.

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Once again u pic a loser coach. Allen at Indiana has not beat a ranked team. In 4 yrs non of his wins were against final poll ranked team. Lost a bowl game to 4 and 5 Mississippi.
Recruiting class not even in top 50.
Losers that u want u want here at osu
We beat top ten teams here and now

You do realize how hard it is to win at Indiana, right? It’s not like Indiana has a billionaire booster that can give them 200 million bucks and make them competitive for the conference title every season (We can’t any longer even after getting all this).

At least their coach gets them motivated to play and has some kind of passion for trying to beat the blue blood of their conference. At least they put forth some kind of effort in their game against Ohio State.

I would say that’s better than being scared to death in front of your players. Just telling your players it’s “just another game” and then raising the white flag for surrender early in the 4th quarter.

Gundy would’ve been better off just pulling his pants down on national television and letting the OU frat boys take a paddle to his a** the entire game. That would’ve been more entertaining than his relaxed “I don’t give a dam*n” persona on the sidelines.

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Wow like usall making excuses for losers
Just going to say northwestern and ksu.
Their rival is Purdue.
They got lucus oil to try and get money from lawyers doctors.
Need to stop making excuses for losers just show u are willing to bring in losers because u hate gundy

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