OSU Has Second-Best Odds of Winning Big 12 Title According to Oddsmakers

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Oddsmakers still like OU’s chances of taking home the title.

Hopefully Gundy leaves his nuts hanging out 2018 style this weekend and makes it a 0% chance OU can win it at about 11pm Saturday night


What he said during media availability gives me zero confidence that he leaves the nuts hanging.

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Doesn’t surprise me. Guess we will see on Saturday.

“Updated odds from Bovada Sportsbook give OSU the second-best odds of winning the Big 12 at +185. That’s better than Baylor’s current odds of +325 but behind OU, which as of now is +100.”

There really isn’t anything too remarkable about it. These people don’t trust Gundy and I don’t blame them. If he finds ways to lose bedlam as a favorite it wouldn’t be a surprise.

I wonder how we’re even favored with such poor recruiting and coaching

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I know it’s the coaching. Gundy is the worst

Those odds have nothing to do with the 2021 version of either team. OU being ONLY a 3pt dog and still being the betting favorite to win the Big 12 is due to the helmet logo and the history of OU. Thats it. If Vegas made OU a bigger point spread dog and/or the lesser favorite to win the title Vegas would be putting themselves in a potential massive spot ticket money wise.


Gundy is a terrible coach! I blame him for the dropped interception in Bedlam 2013 that would have sealed the game, I blame him for for the overthrow in 2017 that likely wins the game, I blame him for the short arm throw in 2018 that possibly wins the game. I blame him for Zac Robinson and D’Juan Woods not connecting to win the game in 2006. I blame him for the defense collapsing in the second half in 2010. Gundy didn’t win in 2014, Tyreek won that game and Stoops lost it. I blame Gundy for putting the ball on someone’s hands in 1988 and him dropping it to win the game. All of our Bedlam failures are on one man and his name is Mike Gundy.


It’s also due to the series history as well lol I’m actually surprised we’re favored. But we’ll see what happens!

Agreed. As an OU fan, I do think there is a path for OU to win on Sat. But there is no doubt that OSU has clearly shown themselves to be the better team.

I agree with you. But until we show it on the field I’ll always be skeptical. I know many blame Gundy and he literally has an OU problem (most coaches do in this league) no doubt about it. But 18 wins in a hundred something years it’s just been a terrible series for us since the beginning.


Of those 18 wins most have been to the few times ou had bad teams.
Even 2011 ou was what a 8 win team.

Yeah ive said it on here before…the Gundy discussion is a great one to have. There are very valid points for both sides of that argument. Hes the most successful HC in the schools history. Hes also been disappointing in the biggest rivalry. Hes been the most consistent winner in the history of the program. Hes also lost some of the biggest Bedlam games in the rivalries history. I really think that Gundy is to OSU fans what Baker Mayfield is to OU fans. He can be a major d-bag…but hes our D-bag. So we defend him. Gundy’s done a really good job…but he shouldve done better. Thats the crux of the argument. If youre a Pro-Gundy guy…you say he COULDVE won more. If youre a Gundy hater…you say he SHOULDVE won more.

That 2011 team finished top 15 or so. Still won 10 games. Was preseason #1. Went to Florida St and won a big game early on. It wasnt a BAD team. Just not a real good one

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It’s called a curse.
Michigan has 2 wins over tosu in the same time frame.
Penn state msu and Michigan have 2 wins in the what last 7 or 8 years over tosu.

At least we can say it’s recruiting

The bulk of my family are OSU grads and all year theyve been chirping a little more as the weeks went on about how confident they were about Bedlam. Now though, this week…ive not heard a peep outta them. Id say that my OSU people are very cautiously optimistic

The two biggest games on Sat are Bedlam and the Ohio St-Mich game. Those have been the 2 most lopsided rivalries in the last 15 years or so

I guess maybe you guys didn’t hear me. He’s 1-3 as a favorite in Bedlam. So just because OSU is favored doesn’t mean that the odds makers feel real good about it. If they felt good about it this spread would be 7 and not 4. We’ll see here in a couple of days who everyone is putting their money on.

Gundy could’ve known in 2013 that since Bob Stoops was coming in with the less talented team that Stoops would take chances.

Gundy could’ve sent another receiver or back out in 2017 to tell Rudolph to look for the middle of the field (See Stoner on film from 2017). Instead, he let Rudolph try to be a hero and go for the big play instead of keeping the drive alive.

In 2018 Gundy could’ve tied it up and went to OT to see what happened. Instead of that, he went for two and ran a play where pretty much everyone on the OU defense knew it would go.