OSU Has Third-Best Odds to Win Big 12, but OU (Again) Looks Like Frontrunner

With all that said, they still come in ahead of mediocre Mike with his 1-16 record. I guess a totally unknown is better than 1-16.

He’s been in the conference for 17 years and has 1 more conference title than Venables who hasn’t coached a single game as a head coach. LOL

Yes compare a guy from ou par for you jug.
Do you dream of titles.

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Sorry but there is not a coach who has been in the conference longer with worse results.

Really stark took 4 top 10 recruiting classes to a 5 win season. Gundy had more wins then miles had at ku in his first year. Leach was at tech a decade and got 1 2nd place in a division. Matt Campbell took the best class in isu history and won 7 games. Synder had only 2 titles and 9 non winning seasons in 27 years.

I can go on.

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Because no one’s been here as long… what a stupid comment. No one who has been here as long as Gundy has more conference titles. No one whose been here as long as Mike Gundy can eat more milkshakes. No one who’s been here as long as Mike Gundy has been to the moon as many times as Mike Gundy.


Only title I know Sark has been involved with was when he wax with Alabama ? Did they win the championship the year he was there. I know he got fired Orgeron got fired at USC for having bad teams. He hit lightning in a bottle with Burrows, he’s been involved with shady recruiting too

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Jug that took a lot of thinking didn’t it. Or did someone have to look it up for you. You forget we have 70 years of bad football to overcome and Gundy has done it despite winning one title

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Jug couldn’t comprehend that so don’t go on, you would be wasting words for someone who doesn’t understand football :cowboy_hat_face:

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1.) Sarkisian is not an unknown. He should be known to not be very good.
2.) If I had a dollar for every time Texas was predicted over us and we ended up the better team in Gundy era, I’d probably have like seven dollars, but that’s still a lot. That’s Starbucks money. They’re going to get picked above us anytime there’s a slightest glimmer of hope. Quinn’s coming in, so the pundits are going to blow their load.

  1. Gundy is not an unknown. 1-16 conference title 3-14 OU 8-9 Texas 10-8 Baylor
    He doesn’t win titles and finishes 3rd or 4th most of the time.

  2. I happen to have a dollar (or two) for every time Gundy loses Bedlam. That’s Omaha Steaks money. As long as Gundy keeps losing Bedlam it the 3 or 4 hundred dollars worth of steaks I send to my mother for Christmas.

You know what I like is you told us you breed the best beef in the good ole USA, but you buy steaks from Omaha. We buy coffee because we’re not cartel. And eat r own beef.
I dnt think any one from Texas is happy about that record.
You and your side kick( that’s an oxymoron statement jug has a side kick) always tell us know 1 stand for bad record like bedlam. I guess the 100k plus at Tennessee and Michigan sit. Tennessee has never beat saban. Michigan has 3 wins to tosu this century.

I see why you mail steaks to your mom, your a disappointment cannt see her in person.

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I’d call you a broken record, but broken records have more to say and have more worth than you do.

Also, I like how you send your mom $14 steaks. Cheapskate.

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I’ve donated a few $50,000 cows to OSU, let’s hope they were smarter than you and @jake4, and didn’t eat them. BTW sense you don’t know how it works, they set the value of what I’ve donated.

As far as Omaha Steaks, I don’t ship steaks across the country, just live cattle and embryos.
@jake4 I’ve got embryos for sale out of the $900,000 Deadwood bull anytime you want to deal with us cheapskates.

Lol that just makes it more ignorant. Your mom is only with a 20 $ steak. You know it makes sense that pioneer women has to buy Walmart beef, those are just range steers.

What your basically saying your cows are overrated. Good thing to know if you won’t eat it why should any one.
Who’s the cheapskate. You won’t even eat your beef because Walmart beef is find.

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I eat the cattle I raise. I don’t cut up a $50,000 cow but if a bull calf isn’t good enough for my bull buyers, I’ll feed him out and eat him. For $4.00 per pound hanging weight, I’d sell you better than you’ll get 90 % of places. If you have ever tried Creekstone steaks, that’s where several of my customers sell and their pretty good.

But it’s not better them Omaha?

Why would you cut up a cow any way. That’s just silly fr the start.

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See I knew you wouldn’t understand but I don’t live with my mother and in fact don’t live in the same state as my mother so steaks have to be shipped.

You still won’t understand but like sports, you can pretend that you get it and until you start spouting off, most people don’t notice.

You and Joy are not most people.
I love this statement. I want to figure out which is true.

You still on the pony express, worried meat go bad. Salt it.
You never visit you mom. She got to be in her 80’s.

Still gets down to Omaha is better meat.

Speaking of sports knowledge, only knowing bedlam record and how many titles we got is not knowledge.
Last I checked you had us 4th with 7 wins last year.

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Speaking of sports knowledge, not knowing the Bedlam record and how many titles we got is asinine.

Do you know the difference between me and someone like you and Gundy? I actually try to achieve my goals and aim for something higher.
Gundy has stated that "every year our goal is to win a conference championship " well he sucks if that’s their goal. Taylor Cornelius did say his
goal was just to make it to a bowl. Not a very high goal and he just barely made it but at least he accomplished his goal.

You also seem to want me to make a prediction on next season. As far as Bedlam, you know I will bet against Gundy till Bedlam ends. I’ve only been wrong twice since I started. As for a conference title, I’ve never been wrong since I started. The rest of the prediction I’ll finish in August.

Your rite. It’s good you tell us joy won’t remember without your guidance. I know your goal has never been to be happy. I know I’m happy with what I’m doing( you to yahoos make it easier). I’m pretty sure gundy Is happy to.
Dnt comeback and say your happy. It’s one thing to be a normal fan and be disappointed. But, no fanatic is happy. You post almost daily about just two things puts you in a fanatic category.

I point out about major schools and there troubles with titles and rival games. Michigan has beat tosu 3 times this century not decade. Tennessee has never beat saban. I would fall in line more with you too, if you could come up with something that only gundy does.
Your buddy talks up Matt all the time, has has never beat iowa.

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