OSU Loses Commitment of OL Transfer Prince Pines

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A big fella is parting ways with the Pokes to play closer to home.

I’m guessing the offensive line is going to be a problem for at a few more years

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I’m trying to figure out why he would go to Tulane over playing for the best coach in school history?

Sooo beyond sick of these OL shenanigans. It’s always something. Going on what…8 years now?


It’s all Gundy fault! Bad Gundy!


Glad it happened now and not during the middle of the season. There is something up with this cat. Lsu dnt want him so they must know. Starts at Baylor then goes to a fcs school. Hope he works it out.


Idk what Dickey is doing but I’ve almost had enough of it.

Yeah idk either I was fired up when we got him, but idk anymore he’s on the struggle bus


Same I thought he was a fantastic hire but it sure doesn’t look like it now.

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Maybe there’s something going on with this kid though, he’s had a very strange career thus far, would rather have him than not

With Cole going down it hurts. Pine was not projected to start. With Cole going down he could.

I dnt know maybe it’s a simple fact he wasn’t 100 % sure he would start. But bouncing around like he has is never a good sign. It wasn’t grades because he went to a fcs school. Isn’t Sam Houston over by Louisiana.

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Maybe our offense requires more out of a offensive lineman than K State did.

Wasn’t even on campus to have a Dickey experience
Chances are he wanted to be closer to home


Either OU and Baylor’s offense is easier for a young quarterback to be successful or they are getting better quarterbacks.

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Just had to get your goons in. Had to change the topic.

Weren’t you and Michael the ones bragging about us getting all these lineman in?

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When you go 8 years with offensive line issues eventually people will start looking at the head coach.

Why don’t you just google it?

Yea I was happy still am. Every coach runs into a go like this. Alot of players dnt want to be far from home thats why we talk about that in recruiting. Usaul older guys dnt have those issues

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Because it’s closer to home. That statement has been made for decades and will never change.