OSU Loses Commitment of OL Transfer Prince Pines

Here’s what they said at the time:

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We’ve had offensive line problems for decades. They’ll work themselves out.


But when we have 5 years of terrible half court offense it’s the ncaa’s fault 🤷


Yea I was happy with this get. There is no reason but closer to home. I’m fine with it. I’m not sure what he would do if he got drafted by the rough riders.
It’s better to find this out now.


At this point no one should be optimistic about a great season coming up. Again, a fractured O line. Not very fair to Sanders. Has Cole Birmingham ever been healthy while at OSU?

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Cole was the only one to start every game last year they say. Yea he was hurt for most of the 2020 season.

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A lot of players also don’t choose Tulane over OSU to go play college football.

But when we have 8 years of inconsistent and sometimes bad offensive lines we should never question Gundy about it :man_shrugging:. I guess it’s always someone else’s fault.

Joy this a typical post of yours. Just plan ess ignorant. It’s one thing with obsession with gundy. Make it makes you say stupid things that you think are genius.
Tulane is low division. Tulane has a bad coach and had 1 win last year. So there are only two reason to go there. 1 to make sure to start, that not 100% with coles injuries. 2 close to home. Nothing to do with osu beside its location.

Would love to have a steel curtain, but not like we are the only squad that gives up an occasional hurry or sack.

We shredded NDs “NFL” D with a crap OLine? Right…

Texass highly mobile QBs were bludgeoned behind a bus load of “stellar” recruits all last season.
“For Texas to contend for a spot in the Big 12 title game, the offensive line (27 sacks allowed) has to improve,” per Athlon.

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When is joy coming on and telling us tulsa got a first round draft lineman

Just one? Mudflat cruitin is tapering off.

Guess he still would rather play for him than the greatest coach in OSU history.

I guess that means we should really focus on stealing offensive lineman from Tulsa in the portal (if we can) since we can’t develop our own. Pretty sad that Tulsa is getting first round picks for their offensive lineman, and the greatest coach in school history can’t convince a lineman from going to Tulane.

Right here with you. Seems to had been a problem way too long. We may need a new line coach.

Touche on Tulsa

As long as our O’line stays healthy we should be fine. It’s really gonna hurt with only a few that was available for the spring finale. Hopefully we get it figured out quick before conference play. I don’t care if a freshman is playing better than a senior in his spot he is starting. I was watching videos of the blocking last year. Some our o’line guys looked confused as if it’s sophisticated zone blocking. I’m not a coach but I’m feeling better for next season with the depth right now.

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Joy it happens alot. Like I said I glad it happened before the season started. Dnt want to be like boynton and waste a scholarship on a player for a whole year.

Ou got there qb in a similar way. You always act like these things only happen to gundy. Utah had 6 guys go in the portal yesterday. Baylor lost the qb.
We can go pick anther guy up there are a ton just entered the portal yesterday

It’s fine to question Gundy, but that’s not what you do, you won’t be satisfied until he’s fired and you can believe in your mind you were right.


I do think, after Gundy’s inanely stupid comments which the media blew so very far out of context, and with the impressionable egos involved with early adulthood players… that a few OL commits and prospects are rethinking things. This comes as no surprise. No doubt, this young man wasn’t interested in promised smoke breaks for the least athletic. :frowning_face:

As for OL coaching… I have to wonder if Sam Mayes is at all interested in coaching. Probably would have had a shot by now if he was. But, he is relatable, well spoken and his mild contempt for Gundy at times could actually serve him well on Gundy’s staff. Gundy was OC when Sam’s played at oSu.

GO POKES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: