OSU Makes the Final 3 for Elite Wide Receiver Prospect Brenen Thompson

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Thompson is a Top 100 prospect for 2022.

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Please let this happen!!!

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This just amazing we are in this to the end. I bet Texas and a&m are thinking could we lose out to osu.
Why not, we have beaten ou and two from usc this year. Knock on 🪵.
Be the 4th composite 4 :star2:.
It all sounds good lol.

Micah Tease is sitting right here in Tulsa with most of the same offers (not OSU)…roll the dice and see what happens. Better close this deal.

Watching Tease school the Jenks defense right now.

We’re 3rd on that list. You all know it.

Yea but we beat out Clemson Alabama and Oregon.
With the chit going on I will take any good news.
I would think a&m be where he ends up.
We got 3 already. it would be a good recruiting number.

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“OSU currently has 13 commits in its 2022 class which ranks No. 34 nationally and sixth in the Big 12”

Better hope he lands this kid.

I would not find it hard to believe him coming to osu. It’s just we have 3. The other 2 have 1 each. And the have no 4 star.

You think this kid or any other kid what’s to go to a team when that team doesn’t even know what conference it’s going to play in and could wind up in the AAC? Good luck.

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Why even pay attention if your going write stuff like this? If you already know the outcome then just go to Norman and chant sec it’s so dang simple

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Loyal and True OSU fans don’t go chant for other teams. They vehemently research for solutions to make a program better. They don’t just accept the excuse of “We can’t get them to come here” and move on to a 7-5 season while the Head Coach praises it as a success like a crooked politician.

LMAO that might be the biggest bunch of garbage you have said on here. For one you speak loyal and true yet hate the cowboy culture. 2nd you can try and compare us and our facilities to Oregon and other teams similar when the fact of the matter is we were top notch in that category for maybe two years.

You can blame Gundy for anything and everything but the fact of the matter is he has elevated this program while still having less, so if you want to be loyal and true then be realistic and understand any given year we might have a chance to be really special but facts are without cheating (like your precious Baylor has done) we’re not a blue blood.

And you can also put some of this on donors and holder for putting a huge chunk of boones money into non revenue sports. It took almost 300 million to make football facilities where they are now and we are still way behind a lot of programs like northwestern in people’s minds.


Please tell me what your research has showed you to make Stillwater more attractive than Austin for 18 year old kids regardless of past success or who’s coaching


Uh……we’ve had more receivers go to the NFL in the past decade than Texas has?

Loyal and True is to the program itself. Not the made up Cowboy Culture that Gundy spews around the campus saying how it’s good to average.

Matt Rhule didn’t cheat and in just three years time he went 2-1 against Gundy and played for a Big 12 championship. That’s what real coaches do. They play for something meaningful and don’t make excuses for failed expectations.

Lol and where is Baylor now.

Really now that’s how it works

Uh… that’s it? How many were 4 or 5 stars? You just called them all busts the other day?

Oh no he has said much worse…

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