OSU Makes the Final 3 for Elite Wide Receiver Prospect Brenen Thompson

I don’t care where Baylor is right now because he’s not the coach. The point is he did it, and not only him but Matt Campbell has so far with what was considered the 2nd worst program in the Big 12. I would just like to have a coach that would continue to be proactive and not make anymore excuses.

Wallace- 4 star
Ateman- 4 star
Washington- 3 star
Blackmon- 3 star

Since 2011 Texas has three receivers that have been drafted.


Check him out at Jenks last night…
Kasey wake up my man!!!

The facts of this whole situation are all opinionated on your end. You look at everything as analytical and that’s all that matters. Stillwater in general has real life reasons kids don’t come there . Our basketball program has some tradition and that helps exponentially add in the fact you only have to zero in on a few guys every year it makes it significantly easier, so please don’t compare the whole boynton got Cade thing. If your a four star kid in Fort Worth and Texas doesn’t offer are you gonna go spend four years in bfe or go to tcu or Waco ?

The 2nd worst according to who?

Yes dumb a*s I asked you how many 4 or 5 stars texas had in that period

Have you watch Osu football since 2011?

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You must have stoped watching since then. Gundy sucks as play caller and evaluating who should play over others and coaches scared now. He doesn’t throw the ball over the middle anymore while not using his tight end. He drop his play book to 3 plays and has a mullet and looses to Texas tech and Baylor. Yea I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Sorry for the bad news but thought I would fill you in.

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I don’t take much stock in X’s and O’s From a guy who lives off my taxes sorry

LOL yo-ding-along with his dry jokes.

You might not take a lot of stock but you take a lot of :rooster:

Since Campbell has top out ar 9 wins u like him.
And now we’re not sending enough recievers to the nfl

No you didn’t. You just asked how many 4 or 5 stars. You never specified which team you were talking about.

9 wins out of 11 games. He might as well be 11-2.

Pigs mite fly. U may grow a brain. We will find unicorns.
If is ur favorite word

Is that what you tell yourself everyday to keep you motivated?

Jojo oh poor Jojo.
Lots of things get me up.
Unlike u. The only thing for u is gundy gundy gundy.

Come on Coach Dunn stay with it& get this kid. GO POKES

Looks like a lock for UO

What I know is there is no chance Tease will be a Cowboy if they don’t bother to recruit and offer the kid…