OSU Makes the Final 3 for Elite Wide Receiver Prospect Brenen Thompson

Dude he has ten offers chill

But none from us. How do you let a Tulsa 4 star go without even offering?

So just because he’s a 4 star he’s automatically a can’t miss?

And you do realize the kid might’ve said up front thanks OSU but I’m just not interested, I know y’all drink the koolaid and think we should get every kid ou does but that’s a fantasy

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He’s not a can’t miss but to not even offer? Why not? Doesn’t hurt anything.

Giving the kid an offer costs essentially nothing. Shoot him one even if he’s not immediately interested. Maybe he comes around maybe he doesn’t but you’ve eliminated the chance if you don’t even offer him.

He’s interested…
Coaching staff might have to work a little bit.

He probably does have an offer dude, just because these guys and 247 doesn’t show that he does really means nothing

What does that even mean, “coaching staff may have to work a little bit “.

I dnt know this kid. Most times when a school doesn’t offer a kid a spot, there are reasons. Again not about this kid.
Reason could be grades, attitude, police troubles and they are not needing his position.

Tease opens the season tonight with an 87 yard TD catch…

Hey coach Dunn… you awake?