OSU Moves Up Four Spots in Coaches Poll After K-State Win

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OSU-Baylor will be a ranked-on-ranked matcup.

Auburn has more appeal then ou.
Both won games late. But ou actually beat a fbs team. Auburn went up ou went down.
Oregon didn’t look that good against the worst power 5 team.

Is anybody else shocked to see Clemson with 2 losses already? That jumped out to me. They are behind us in this poll. Haven’t looked at the other.

When u get older and see the world, less things will shock u

Maybe shock was the wrong word to use. Surprised would have been a better choice.

What I thought was funny ou is now a sec team and fell in the rankings by winning.

It sucks knowing they will have everything fixed by late November when they play us.

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I hope those boos destroy rattlers confidence so they play like trash all season. The guy looks insanely dislikable.


He doesn’t care about the folks booing him, but he has put Riley in a bad spot. If he throws an early pick next week and Riley pulls him, he’s just giving the fans what they want and shaking his confidence. But if Riley leaves him in and he throws a second pick or fumbles, and the opponent goes up two touchdowns early, maybe it’s too much to come back from. You can’t keep alternating QBs either. It splits a locker room in most cases. The Goons are at an early crossroads that they didn’t see coming and I for one am here for it!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I hope they keep him in the game all season long. Watch Caleb Williams come in and set the field on fire.

I find it comical how I, as an OU fan, get roasted when I comment on here (go to an OU site)……even though it’s all legitimate discussion. Yet somehow if you guys bring OU up……that’s allowable?

Riley isn’t changing QB’s. Rattler isn’t the issue……the Oline is. They cannot run the ball which gets teams out of the dropping of 8 guys into coverage. Rattler hasn’t been great, but he’s not the issue.

On the “we want Caleb”…….that’s the absolute dumbest, most classless, idiotic thing I’ve ever heard out of a fan base. I’m an OU fan, and its embarrassing.


"COME AFTER ME! I’M A MAN!! I’M (almost) 40!!":joy:

If I’ve roasted you in the past unfairly, my sincere apologies. I’ve read enough of your stuff to see you’re a decent guy who’s pretty intelligent. You’re a credit to your preferred team. You’re welcome to post here as often you’d like.


On the other stuff, OU’s o-line was supposed to be dominant again this year. Bedenbaugh had been really shaping them up, I thought? Now, one issue is you got only 2 RBs. And neither have been tremendous. OSU’s run game had been even worse until getting some guys healthy and adding Jaylen Warren. I’m sure a bad o-line contributes to Rattler’s struggles, but a subpar o-line is not entirely to blame for throwing into triple coverage.

At what point would you pull him if you were coaching?

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I think Rattler is occasionally forcing some throws, which I get. OU under Riley has been an offensive machine. Scoring at historical clips. Racking up numbers all over the place. Rattler is “the best passer since I’ve been here”, according to Riley. He’s the preseason Heisman favorite. The projected #1 overall pick on a team picked to make the playoff. In baseball terms, Rattler is pressing. Trying to hit a grand slam instead of just driving in a run. Riley I think is too. Defenses have always tried to periodically drop 8 into coverage, at which point OU could run you out of it. They can’t do that so far and Riley/Rattler haven’t shown the willingness to just be patient and take the 4/5 yard underneath stuff all day. Bedenbaugh has shown to be one of the best in business, so I think he gets it straightened out. But……it’s not good at all right now.

As for when/if Coach Ketchupsicle would make a QB change? Rattler would have to be the absolute reason we lost a game, then have a terrible 1st half of the next game before I’d even get close to doing it. And like I mentioned earlier, booing is fine to me. It’s a place where the expectation bar is really, really high. So that’s going to happen. But chanting the name of the backup when the starter simply struggles……is stupid. It’s the students and not the fans, but it’s as ignorant as it can get.

If OU had taken a loss last night or even six days from now in Manhattan, they can still reach Arlington and maybe the CFP if the offense just starts putting 50 on folks. But suppose he struggles in Dallas in a close loss? Or a close win? So Riley doesn’t quite see the need for a change. Later down the road, A loss in November takes them out of contention for anything. You’d risk it? At this point, I’d let Robert Allen play QB for the Pokes if it guaranteed 12-0, Arlington, and the CFP. But that’s just me. I’d sell one of my kidneys for another Bedlam win and Big 12 title. OU is used to winning the conference. We are used to 3rd or 4th.


I fine it odd how forgive u are to rattler, riley and the ou oline. Since u have no patience for"Your" own team’s faults.

Isn’t it the " sophomore " rule.
One thing that mite help rattler is going on the road.
It’s hard to tell what is the true reason of ou’s woes.
I will say if rattler gets sacked and rushed by ksu then u have problems. Ksu’s front 6 is kinda of soft. They can stop the run, but sacking is another story.
I assume ou has all or most their players.
If ou doesn’t put 40 (offense) up on ksu then u may have problems.
I thought west Virginia defense should be good but not as good as last year. We will find out that to.

Not sure what this even means. I’ve never been one of those “fire everybody” fans. I actually got into a fight with a fellow OU fan at a urinal in Arrowhead Stadium, Dec 6 2003. OU fans are like Yankee fans. They/we are the worst.

Dude, if you say that you need to wait to see what happens this weekend before confirming whether OU has problem or not…….then you aren’t watching. THEY HAVE PROBLEMS. Period. I don’t care what they do Sat, they have problems right now. I don’t need to wait to see what happens Sat

If u have notice. When u reply to some one’s post it doesn’t always put their icon up.
This post was not to u so of coarse u would not understand it.