OSU, OU ADs Say Bedlam Series Will End When OU Joins the SEC

What rivalries have formed from previous conference realignments? Who is Nebraska’s new rival? Missouri’s? Colorado’s? You’re Mr. There’s No Evidence when you want to say there’s no decline in college football’s appeal, but you think all of these rivalries are being created.

How are you losing regionality? Hmmmm. OU is in the same conference as Florida now? USC is in the same conference as Rutgers? BYU is in UCF’s conference? When games between teams in a conference span four timezones, you’ve lost regionality.

Again……you’re picking out the exceptions rather than the rules. New rivalries? First off, those take years to form. A&M and Arkansas have developed a good one. I assume OU-A&M is going to get really good. Arkansas-OU. I’m not denying that some will be lost. You are the one that denies anything remotely positive that will/has come from the realignment.

Regionality? Arkansas. The Texas schools. The South. Those are all in the same Conf. Yes……there are some oddities. There are also some bigtime games coming. Again……you only are willing to see 1 side. That’s why these are hard to have with you. It’s like the transfer deal you argue. You only see when the big boys lose players……yet refuse to acknowledge what they gain. You argue the bad stuff that could happen with college football going fwd……but refuse to see what the positives could be as well.

None of us will live long enough to see another Bedlam style rivalry form. You seem to imply that it is just another rivalry. Its gone on for over 100 years so yea it’s pretty unique and not easily replaceable.

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Don’t project.

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But Arkansas-A&M, bro!

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@jake4 @bruce4 You guys got me. College football is beginning to fade away. It’s on the decline.

Man……i long for the days of Kansas V Mizzou. I’m sure losing that rivalry is gonna hurt. How the hell has college football survived. Thank goodness that Iowa-Iowa St rivalry is still intact. I’d hate to see what happens if we lost that annual Oregon-Oregon St tilt. What are we gonna do if that Virginia-Va Tech brawl goes away? Or heaven forbid Arizona-ASU loses that bitter slugfest. There will be hundreds of eyeballs completely forego watching football altogether if they are only able to watch OU-TX, Mich-Ohio St, Florida-Georgia or USC-Ohio St. You guys are right. College football is definitely on the way down the tubes. Bring back the pillowfights!!!

So glad you see it my way! :wink:

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Yep college football certainly doesn’t seem to be headed in the right direction. Those that run/influence it with their single focus, on money, are forgoing many things that make it unique and fun. It’s hard to point to a single change that is the main issue It’s been more like death from a thousand cuts. In the end college football may survive and thrive but the road to get there is pretty crappy ATM.

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