OSU Quarterback Target Brock Glenn Set to Visit Soon

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OSU offered Glenn in February.

Sounds like whoever is recruiting Qb’s needs to give the money that OSU is paying him to a charity of his choice and hit the road. It’s been pretty bad for a number of years.

Another slug in the pocket. Look at his foot work…terrible. Someone needs to get the ax

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I only watch 2 minutes but he set his feet while
Leach is offering him a scholarship.

Apparently our coaching staff hasn’t gotten the memo that teams are going away from the traditional pocket passing QB. They look at the least sacks given up in the league and come to the conclusion that our OL is solid, and we can make it work without acknowledging that Sanders spent a lot of his time evading tackles and tucking the ball to move forward.

Imagine what our run game would’ve looked like if Jaylen Warren had never came to OSU. Our running game would be below-average at best. If we don’t have another really good running back waiting in the wings, and we have an shady OL with a pocket passing QB, that creates a recipe for giving up the most sacks in the league. We only play fast paced offense now when we get behind.

You have to start finding Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson type quarterbacks. I’ve not seen anything from this offensive line over the last few years that leads me to believe they’re competent enough to protect a pocket passing QB or average running back under the kind of offense Gundy and Dunn are currently running. Something has to give here. Tim Rattay is still stuck in the 90’s.

Again with the if.
If you would stop posting EVERYONE would be happy.

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Have you seen our quarterback room? Not good. Scary thin. It’s no doubt they are not recruiting this position hard and we all know why. Gundy Jr will be the face of this program. He might be a respectable QB but Iv watch him play in highschool and I’m hear you tell you that he is not a QB that is going to win championships without a lot of good talent around him. Basically he is a 3 star kid and respectably so. We need better QB play and recruiting in this area and we have not had that under gundy except for weeden and I don’t expect gundy to do so going forward. History tells you the truth.

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Well like you being a guru qb guy is funny.
Mason wasn’t good.

Was mason a championship caliber qb? Absolutely not and not really even close.

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Not debatable. You think gundy has done a good job recruiting the position he had played all his life?

I remember the last time we didn’t have an offensive line and a QB as a statue. It ended up being Tyreek Hill and Bob Stoops that saved Gundy’s bowl streak.

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its all good, some of these sideline commentators have unrealistic expectations about oSu football, where do these expectations come from?, there has to be some level of success reached and they still cant/dont/wont admit that they have these expecations also because of the current head coach and the success his teams have had since 2005. They have these unrealistic expectations because they can always point the finger anytime they are not met. These commentators not true fans. They talk to talk and argue to argue such a sad and miserable way to live.


If you believe an average of 3rd in the conference, no conference titles, and no major bowls wins is good then the answer would be yes.

So you think one conference title in 17 years is a realistic expectation when Texas has sucked for the last 11 years? They’ve been to the conference title game just as many times has we have. We are underachieving. Just like we did in 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2020.

So the kansas city chefs qb sucks. His best year was 7 wins. Try and get out of that. I know that first thing will use as an excuse. So part of the team was bad.

If you actually watched him yet his wouldn’t be your comment.

I guess 25 other programs need to find different qb coaches too, since they offered this kid

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Is Mason Rudolph the same as Patty Mahomes? Was Rudolph a first round pick? Does Rudolph start? Does Mason Rudolph have a Super Bowl? The answer to all those would be no. You made that one way too easy Roberto.

25 out of 130 isn’t really that great. Are we Texas State or something?

Your right, it must mean he’s trash just like Justin Blackmon only having 7 total offers or justice hill having two