OSU Safety Kolby Harvell-Peel Declares for NFL Draft

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OSU’s secondary takes a huge hit.

■■■■ that one hurts. Hope he does well in the NFL.

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Why would anyone leave early if they aren’t going to be drafted in the first 5 rounds?


I hope Kolby does well! I’m afraid he will need to improve his speed or he won’t get a sniff other than free agency if he plans on playing safety.

Maybe he can spin down to willie linebacker if safety doesn’t work out.

Maybe because they just want out of the culture

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I hope he does well. I not a big fan of ok players go as jr as a ok player. He was hurt this yr, not sure if that helps or hurt.

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Some sites have him going 5th round.

These kids doing this is just dumb… had a good freshman year and hasn’t improved numbers yet. Pros are grown a## men with more speed… two more years he may have skills return from injuries. He won’t get a sniff right now, he’s been hurt, but I hope he does well, just don’t expect it

Why would you stay for a 4th place finish or worse in the conference and risk injury for his future draft stock?

He might like 4th place finishes Joe !!! Dear God let it go !!!.. Jeezs your endless blather about nothing, absolutely nothing :rage::rage:


The point is why would he still return? If he’s been previously injured then maybe he wants to take his chances being healthy for the NFL draft. If he were to risk injury returning next season there could be a possibility he would end up with nothing.

Maybe he feels even if he isn’t drafted his chances of being a free agent and getting signed are better that risking an injury he may not ever be able to get over.

Say it once not ten times

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The cupboard is starting to look bare for next season. I agree that Peel probably does not want to risk another major injury at the college level but not sure he has done enough to garner the attention for a good draft spot. So he is rolling the dice but probably the right thing to do.

I don’t think your in any position to make that statement lol.

In fact I do have friends!!! If you think I’m frustrated with Gundy and the current state of OSU football then you should ask them their opinion. I can assure you it’s more strict than mine.

Robert is the guy you have to ask him to rewrite his statements 1,000 times instead of trying to decipher the kindergarten scratch on the forum.

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Oh but the goons !!! Harp on that more , it’s not gonna change them. They are what they are

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