OSU TE Recruiting Target Jason Llewellyn Commits to OU

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The Pokes lost to their in-state rival for a top TE target.

Well if any one is pissed off it’d be Texas. We will live

We very seldom throw to a big tall tight end anyway. Probably should go to OU or Iowa State.

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Did u not read the article idiot. He has already committed

Well, kiss my arse.

When you have a coach that utilizes the TE over the MIDDLE of the field, and actually makes them good enough to get drafted to the NFL, then that coach and program will have a better chance of getting the recruit to commit to their school.

Who are u talking about Riley te haven’t been draft. Talking out ur ess again.

Wow I’m just shocked :roll_eyes:.

His name is Mark Andrews and he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. If you know so much about football then why do you only know OSU things? You should really try to strive to expand your knowledge one day.

My knowledge is complete about football. Me knowing ou players names is complete too. If for some reason I want to know a ou players names I’ve got u and ar0
So r te at Dallas don’t count

He’s a no star so doesn’t matter anyway

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Ur rite I forgot I was talking to Joe. Walkons don’t count. Thanks

If it was complete then why did someone need to remind you?

Are you willing to say the same about Justice Hill.

U u what are u talk about. U understand nothing. My list is complete by knowing no ou players.

Why are u taking about hill he is not a te no star follow the string of post

There is a difference in saying “me knowing” and “me not knowing”. Please be more coherent so I understand exactly what you’re saying.

U really are a idiot. Me knowing no ou names is complete for me. U knowing ou players names doesn’t help ur knowledge at all. I mean like u know Sabans names ur still an idiot that thinks u need 5 stars.

Calling me an idiot, but you can’t type on a forum exactly what you’re trying to say?


U just don’t get it. I DON’T CARE ABOUT OU PLAYERS NAMES. U are an idiot because u think knowing ou players names makes u knowledgeable. I will always feel sorry for u.