OSU's Cade Cunningham Experiment Goes as Planned, and That's Great for Mike Boynton

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Everything went according to plan.

The girls just got a walk off homer

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I think Cade was an exception to the rule when evaluating one and dones. He was a ball distributor and played more like an upper classman than a freshman - most one and done freshman are all about padding their stats to improve their draft position.
There are some outlier examples (mainly Kentucky) where the one and done strategy has paid off, but most people feel that programs like Kansas and UNC have stumbled recently due to their recent pursuits of one and done players. I think all KU fans would tell you they’d rather have 4 years of Wayne Semien or Mario Chalmers than one season of Andrew Wiggins (who scored 4 points in his last ever KU game, but was still the #1 pick in the draft).
Hopefully Coach Boynton continues recruiting high quality, high caliber 3 or 4 year players like Likekele, Anderson, Boone, etc…

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How did the Cade Cunningham experiment go as planned. I guess the plan was to hire his brother, don’t push too hard to seem like a used car salesman during the recruitment process. Cade signs and is as good as advertised and you reach the big dance only to lose in the second round. This is the coach speak that drives me crazy with Boynton. Boynton speaks as if he thinks he has a plan in place for the next top rated recruit in the country that signs with OSU. Cade did bring a ton of attention to our program this year. If Boynton can’t capitalize on the momentum that Cade mania created by recruiting top 10 classes every other year we’ll be right back to the middle of the pack. Just my opinion

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The “only because of his brother” knock is tired, lazy, and honestly flat out stupid. First, he’s been on Cade since 9th grade. He hired Cade’s brother 4 years later after Cade graduated high school. Cade has spoken a billion times, bringing up a billion reasons, as to why he loves MB and why he came here. It wasn’t just because of his brother.

Second, so what if it was? Even if “he only came here because of his brother” (that’s not the only reason, but because some people keep saying it over and over we’ll pretend it’s true for a second), that is still an insanely dumb gripe. It would be a recruiting tactic, and a legal one at that. All these other programs are throwing dollars at their big recruits. How is hiring his brother, who is a good coach and will stay on staff long past when Cade is gone, a knock on coach B when literally every single school in the United States of America is doing things to try and persuade recruits? I just don’t understand the complaint. It was a smart move on Boynton’s part, it wasn’t at all the only reason Cade came here, and it’s just flat out an ignorant thing to try to complain about. To add to that, programs elevating into legitimacy always have to start somewhere. This year was that start for OSU. We’ll see what he can do with the momentum. I find it absolutely hilarious that a few of you are negating his recruiting abilities, which brought in the best class in school history, because he didn’t have top 10 classes his first couple of years. He was a first time coach leading a team that had been to the dance only 3 times since the early 2000’s. Expecting him to have great recruiting classes that early, and ragging on him for not doing so, doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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I’m not getting to deep into this. As a recuirter when u walk into a gym ur eyes are open. Him spying a 9th grader who has a brother playing college bb is not a wow moment. He did close cade with the brother getting the job.
All this is good. I’m waiting to see how he follows up.
We all need to wait he was going to be here a couple of years anyway

I realize you are very high on Coach B, and that’s great. The fact is Cade decided to come to OSU because as he said “ blood is thicker than water”. Yes it’s a legal tactic and I’m glad Cade spent a year in Stillwater. I’m sorry if think this is a tired take, but it’s the truth. The OSU basketball program has had its ups and downs during the last 10-15 years, but it was always a legitimate basketball program. I hope as I’ve stated before that Coach B grows as coach and has success.

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Evidently it is a wow moment considering no one else had offered the kid.

As a 9th grader come on u got to be kidding me.
So boynton is now nostradamus.
Kid plays good and has a brother in college not a great leap any way u want to look at it.
Or is it just because I said it.

A 9th grader no one else was paying attention to. He was offered by Boynton long before anyone else offered. You just like to discredit they guy. If he can’t put anything together the next few years then you can prove he’s not a good recruiter. I’m pretty sure this basketball team ■■■■ near has as many 4 stars as the football team.

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Regardless of the how and why of Cade arriving in Stillwater, OSU finished the regular season ranked number 11 in basketball. So what is there really to complain about?
Boynton is probably working his tail off right now trying to land one of the many recent players entering the transfer portal. I think the crazy NCAA rule allowing these transfers is ruining college basketball

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See joe i mean logan its me ur after.
I never said boynton didn’t know what a good player looks like or was a bad recuirter. U have thought I have.
I dnt care if he gave a scholarship to cades mother before birth, he got him by hiring his brother.
Now thats over. What I have side is he hasn’t shown development or game coaching.
We will see if he gets better

Transfer rule is in all sports.
I dnot think its good either

Cade has publicly stated multiple times that his brother is not the reason he came here. It’s a bonus for him but not the reason. You are discrediting coaches recruiting by saying that.

Thats really funny. No body going to come out and say that. Its implied. If cade came out and said my brother only got the job because I guaranteed i would play, then that is :no_entry_sign:.
But still has nothing to do with me. Once again I don’t have a problem with his recuirting.
Not sure why u keep thinking I do. Its the 3rd time so maybe its works.
I would like to see better development and coaching

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You guys do realize that Boynton and Cade’s brother have coached with each other long before Cade ever came to OSU, right?

More then for years? Cade got an offer 4 years ago.
But I like ur thinking.
Anyway cade was here now he is gone.
We will wait and see if he helped more then the guys from his class.

I said before Cade came to OSU. He came here a year ago. Boynton and Cade’s brother had Ties when his brother was at SFA long before that. And Boynton was on Cade way back then too. Cade’s high interest in Stillwater came way way way before Boynton ever hired Cade’s brother. It helped, but it wasn’t the only reason. Just a bonus in a long list of efforts Boynton made in getting Cade over the past near half decade. Just saying Boynton made a bunch of really good recruiting moves over the past several years to be able to pull Cade in. More than simply hiring Cade’s brother went into his commitment. It was a good plan on Mike’s part.

I think u over analyze and r hypersensitive.
Whatever the reason he came he gone now.

Over analyzing and stating events that occurred are two different things. In fact, thinking that Cade came here only because of his brother is undervaluing or ignoring everything Boynton did to get Cade for the 5 years leading up to the hire.