OSU's Receiver Depth, Experience Should Be a Strength in 2022

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Young receivers took their lumps in 2021, but that should pay off in 2022 and beyond.

I love John Paul Richardson’s game.


I concur

I think even the least informed oSu fan is least concerned with the receivers corps. Plenty of talent there plus we got a monster coming with Braylin coming in.

Hard to believe A&M didn’t offer.

The monster is gonna be jaden bray IMO this season dude has all the tools

Just a thought don’t know what you guys think but is being so deep in receivers with the offense we run today vs Holgy years, is it as big a deal as it used to be? I agree we need great receivers but not as many as we needed back in the spread days especially with a running QB. Maybe we do because seems like gundy for what ever reason approveds two style of QBs on the same roster.

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A few things have happened in the past few seasons that have caused production to drop off…some good, some bad.

Lack of talent and depth at o-line.
Reliance on Chuba Hubbard/ Jaylen Warren both tremendous for us!
Spencer’s growing pains as a passer and natural gift as a runner.
Inexperience at OC. Gleason hadn’t had much experience and Dunn had none before taking the reigns.
The scholly shift towards defense.

All that being said, I think this year we could see a return to a more explosive passing attack. Spencer has certainly improved substantially (minus the turnovers in 2 games vs Baylor last season)
Maaaybe an improved O-line this season under Dickey.
No clear-cut RB1. We think it’ll be Dom Richardson, but none of us knows for sure.
Greater comfort level for Dunn in running the offense. Game plan in Fiesta vs Notre Dame certainly gives me hope.

Just my thoughts.


He’s already been in Stilly.

There are definitely things the coaches can do to help SS be more productive, e.g. pass across the middle a lot esp on slants. College DBs get confused as all get out on crossing patterns. More RPO on the edge, let him roll out more. I think not having a dominant receiver he’s usually looking to target, last season w/ Tay, seasons before with Tylan, will help. Whoever is open! And lastly, some targets w/ the Cowboy Backs, otherwise get rid of the position and just go 4 wideouts all the time.


Yes I know.

I think the recievers need to get more physical.
Either with get off the line clean or with there blocking.

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What opponent of ours has played bump and run?

Last year we had a lot of defensive holding not called. If your out in front, that gets called.
Brandon has had issues with slipping.
I’m not a big bubble pass guy. But why was Wallace so effective. The other guys blocked and he was physically able to break his one guy.
Why was des so good, physically out played the dB.

I’m not critical about it their young, it’s just a thing that needs to improve.

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Nice ramble.
Hey do we take you serious because of why.
How many year(s) was dana here.

If you run an air attack you dnt need recievers?

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That’s not what he was saying. He’s saying our decisions on passing the ball has decreased. He’s exactly right too!! He’s essentially saying the market for receivers on this team is being flooded. Would be nice to have quality depth at the offensive line. Considering we seem to want to run the ball more and we have a running QB.

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You really show your IQ. Sarcasm just is out of your reach.

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Did you get the memo Joey , we have 3 new OL coming in and we aren’t through. I’m sure you have more biothching to do, you can sit and drool all over your laptop and find one item at a time to biotch about. OL is now last week it was stone hands, what’s it gonna be next week. By the way we won 12 games last year


You can get all the lineman you want to. Look, I’m glad we got some lineman coming in, but I’m also not about to act like the woes at that position have been completely solved. When Gundy says we’ll be “fine” at that position it tells me he’s concerned.

And Gundy also squandered away his chance at winning another Big 12 title against a team he had already beaten.

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This post is you crying.
One of the lineman played 14 games at Baylor during their title run. Is an all american at a national fcs school.
12 wins is 12 wins. Only the second time.

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