OU and Texas Clear Big 12 Title Favorites, Followed by OSU and Baylor

Originally published at: OU and Texas Clear Big 12 Title Favorites, Followed by OSU and Baylor | Pistols Firing

The two Big 12 title game contestants a season ago are not top two in odds to win the league.

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I guess vegas hasnt listened to stark. He said we dnt tackle well but we got white jersey around the ball. Lol
The offense lost 2 recievers and their left tackle. Ewers barely beat out card. I was high on their offense, but i got question now.

Ou i have never had answers. Big mystery still if they are who everyone says they are. I just keep hearing they got talent.

Baylor seem have big holes with wr and rb. Can there oline( which is the same gave up 6 sack and 12 tfl inthe title game) make enough difference.

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This is strictly about Vegas making money. Texas and OU are typically the favorites. Not surprising at all

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This is true who is tomato slices top 5. And if you want to elaborate you can. We know uo will be top.

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Top 5 in Conf? In the Country?

What the hell? Im trying to talk to you. Your already start with that. There are only 5 conf. And you on an article about big 12 teams. So my question is whats you predictions of the top 5 teams in the big 12.

Your so full of your team you thin uo is a conference

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Just because the article is about “Big 12 teams” means nothing as to what direction the comments go.

1: OU. The schedule falls perfectly for them. Offensively theyll be really good, in large part because of the OLine. Defensively theyre not as talented as they were a year ago, but theyll play better. Theyll be bigger, stronger and faster.

2: Baylor. Physical. Return enough offensively to score enough points. The toughest, most physical team in the Conf. The Conf schedule is tough with road games in Norman, Ames and Austin

3: OSU. Lost a bunch from that dominant defense. Best edge guys in the league. Unproven up the middle from the front, middle, back. Sanders is really good when he doesnt have to do a bunch. He will have to this year and I think hes going to be a turnover waiting to happen

4: KState. Arguably the best coaching staff in the Conf. ARGUABLY. The new QB will help. I think they beat one of these 3 above them.

5: Texas. Still not real good defensively. Still not real good up front. I think Ewers can play, but will get beat up. Theyll be better than Iowa St in the 6 spot, but not by much

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Im fine with all that

Main thing is can uo come together.

On baylor i still habe problems with do they have skill players. Yes qb is nice oline is experienced. But, the have to basically replace the recievers and running backs that didnt score alot. Even on poor defenses.

Ksu is one injury away from a 4 win season. Nice 6 players. Even there end they talk about 7 of his sacks came in 2 games only one was a big 12.

But over all uo has the most talent. And yes 3 home games out of the 5 top the other is neutral. Hope games at ames and Morgantown wouldn’t hurt.

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My question do you worry brent is the next blake. He recruited. Just asking.

I didnt see some snip the brent was happy with the 2 rbs.

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At some point those people working for the sports booking places would have to stop putting Texas as a title contender. They didn’t go bowling last year and it’s been 1,038 days since they have beat Kansas. OU has a first year coach and obvious racial issues within the ranks. I am more on the lets see how this plays out train. For sure Texas is “NOT BACK”


Do I worry that Brent is the next John Blake? Absolutely not. John Blake was Ed Orgeron. He could build relationships with recruits and their families. He would…lets say cut some corners. He was cut from the Switzer cloth. But he couldnt coach. He couldnt run a program. That is Ed Orgeron. Thats not Brent. If Brent fails, it wont be because he wasnt a good football coach. It wont be because he cut some corners. Brent is going to need to show that he can win. Then hes going to have to reel in some offensive guys. Hes going to run a clean program. Hes going to play tough football. Hes going to have a physical program. A solid culture. But…he has to Win. The leash will be shorter once he hits the SEC. I hope we head that way in 25 and no sooner. Let this thing get built on as solid a footing as possible before playing with the big boys

“Obvious racial issue within the ranks”…smh

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Lol thin sink. He just stating what is going on. Didnt cale get fired. I know he quit. Another thin skin deal.

Brent will get players just like riley. Brent needs to be a better coach. Riley won 1 game he was a under dog.

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Thats not stating whats going on. One instance two weeks ago, with one individual who is no longer with the program, and nothing remotely connected with the issue since…is not indicative of “obvious racial issues”.

Thatd be like me stating that the wrestling program has “obvious issues with larceny and mistreating women”. That would be untrue and misleading. So is saying the OU football program has “obvious racial issues”

What kind of odds can I get on Texas losing two games BEFORE Oct. 1?


Four decades of getting my teeth kicked in by OU has taught me this: the teams with the best offensive and defensive fronts WIN.

For this reason alone, Baylor should be the pre-season favorite. I hate the behemoth they have at noseguard and they picked up Player from Tulsa (who shined against OSU).

Second best, and not far behind Baylor, is OSU. Gundy has been oddly confident in the o-line; and the world knows our defensive line is deep and talented.

OU? I think Venables was the right hire, but he’s inheriting a team that was raked bare by departures. It’ll take a year or two to replenish and, by then, the Sooners will be in the SEC and getting thumped regularly regardless.

Texas? Texas is soft. Period. Lord, they can’t even play their fight song without half the team taking offense.

K-State will get more out of less, but save me accolades on the QB – he’s been at Nebraska for half a decade and has done nothing there.

Sorry, Sooners. Gonna be a long, long year by your standard expectations.


Like ive said thin skin

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I’ll put TCU where you put K-stat.

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Like we know jeff knows what a loser looks like. Tcu will be fighting ku for the ultimate spot at bottom.

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