OU, UT Officially Announce They Will Not Renew Media Rights Deals with Big 12

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It’s official.

Spare me the “Honor our existing media rights deal” bullsh*t. They’re going to do everything they can to get out ASAP.
The Big XII is dead. It’s time to move on and hope we find a good landing spot.

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Thanks God we dnt mirage the farm. Bye bye goons

That’s actually probably a good thing. It saves Texas and OU hundreds of millions and it gives OSU and the other 8 schools a few years to find a landing spot.

ZERO chance OU and Texas stay until 25. That was just worded that way for litigation and/or liability purposes. OU and Texas are just the tip of the iceberg of whos leaving the Conf. Others will follow ASAP and the Conf itself will dissolve. Therefore, there will be no Conf left to stay in and no huge contractual obligation for both OU and Texas


I don’t think we have a few years to find a landing spot. The landscape of college football is changing fast so we need to be aggressive/proactive and secure our future.

Completely agree. OSU is more attractive right now than they ever will be. From here on out, they will be become less attractive as the days go by. The Pokes have until OU and Texas leave before that window closes

You just need to ask Texas two questions:

Why do you want to leave a conference you can’t win?

Why do you want to go to a conference that is tougher to win than the conference your currently in?

I hope the Texas fans are extremely optimistic people. If they can’t even win in the Big 12 I don’t know what in the hell makes them think they are going to have a snowball’s chance in hell at winning anything in the SEC.

If Mike Gundy is still around we’ll be in the Mountain West so he can pad some more wins to his coaching career, and also say he’s played for a conference title consistently.

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There is like 1% chance at best they win more than 8 games a year in the SEC. If they go to 10 conference games I’d be willing to bet they won’t be bowl eligible for the first few years.

Who are you referring to that has a 1% chance of winning 8 games at year in the SEC?


Texas. OU will be fine but Texas is about to get slapped around like a defenseless child.


I agree that the “existing media rights will be honored,” is a crock. OU/Texas wants everyone to leave so they won’t be paying a buyout. Please no lame duck schools playing in Big 12.

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For the first few years…i dont disagree. But the SEC absolutley will give a bump in recruiting and your overall program. A&M is proof of that. Texas will be back winning with this move to the SEC. Just unsure of how quickly and how high the ceiling is for them

We’ll get Houston and Boise State as replacements.

Texas recruits well right now and in the past and still struggles to beat mediocre teams. So what’s your point?

Texas problems has been the wrong HC and no QB.

“Well take Houston and Boise St”…you think that makes this a good Conf if you get those 2!!!

I don’t think the wrong coaches is Texas’s issue. It’s their administration, boosters, and fans.


You dont think the HC has been the issue? Charlie Strong and Tom Herman have done nothing since leaving UT. They obviously arent good HC’s worthy of being at UT. The fans…are nowhere near as to blame for the lack of Horns success as poor HC’s and bad QB’s.