OU, UT Officially Announce They Will Not Renew Media Rights Deals with Big 12

How do you think the fans are to blame somehow?

Both their latest football and basketball coaches were doing well before UT. Their fans are the smallest portion of the issue compared to their boosters and administration but they still are part of the issue. You get 2 years max to turn it around or they want you fired.

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Texas actually believes they are a winner. They will get a rude awaking along with ou.
Everybody says it’s just Alabama. Alabama wins when the until the teams do. That means the sec will always have 1 team better then ou.

The culture at UT is #austinsoft. The gridiron program that used to produce toughness like Earl Campbell and Tommy Nobis now questions whether or not “The Eyes of Texas” is appropriate.

Texas will become as relevant in football as Tennessee is now.

I see OU being more like LSU. Occasionally really good, but mostly second tier to the SEC elites.

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OU will still be playing for a natty. Texas will be playing for a bottom tier bowl game.

Not good news if true…

They are leaving in January. If we all can hold off till then, get ou and Texas money.

It’s also the coach and players. If these guys r 5 or 4 stars they should still make players no matter who is coaching. These players aren’t getting draft.

“…this plan has been in motion in secret for a while.” I am not sure, but would that be a violation of Oklahoma’s Open Meetings Act since OU is supported by public funds?

The best ou will is second in that league.

If you think LSU (whos won 3 Nat Titles in the last 18 years is a “second tier” SEC school…then who other than Alabama is an SEC “elite”?

You mention the culture at UT…dude…Earl Campbell played in the 70’s and Nobis was in the 60’s. Of course those days are long gone. Again…its about HC’s and QB play. The last time Texas had BOTH of those…they were playing for Nat titles and won one in 05.

I know u want to go there but ku and isu is just a better fit for them.

Currently on vacation back east…ESPN reporting here that OKST has already had talks with the B10. Seems like there is interest to continue chatting. Although the B10 prefers AAU schools …sources said that membership or lack of could be worked around.


There qb and hc was less determinedly then that defense. But that culture has made lazy players who believe in Texas and their own hype.

Second place in the SEC is still playing for a natty. If it goes to 12 teams half the SEC will be playing for one.

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That still means the first loser. Which they can do here after winning a con title. So that is not better. And I did say at best. They will be second every 3 or 4 years, instead of playing every year in the big 12.

I still dnt understand why u r still sticking up for ou.
By the way u r the only one. Dnt even Joey and ar0.

How is saying they’ll still be playing for natty’s sticking up for them? You are blind bud.

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First of all there is no way UT/OU are going to stick around until 2025. No one announces that they are leaving 4 years in advance. I’m sure that their plan is to get out as soon as possible. Perhaps they are banking on the fact that their announcement is going to make all the other teams see the writing on the wall and want to exit the league as well. If that happens then I am sure that there will be an agreement made among all the teams as to when everyone will exit in an orderly fashion and part of that agreement will be that no one has to pay the penalty for leaving early. Hence UT/OU get to leave for the SEC sooner than later and do so without paying a dime the other big12 teams.

Not only are saying that there playing for a natty but putting them a head of all the west. A u blind and dumb. But make sure u get sec package on espen.