OU, UT Officially Announce They Will Not Renew Media Rights Deals with Big 12

Until proven otherwise they are the second best behind Alabama. I hate OU as much as the next guy but that is the fact of life. They are a top 3 program of all time. And I will not be buying anything extra for SEC content unless OSU somehow ends up in the SEC.

Yep you got that one right. With the SEC likely getting half the natty bids every year OU’s chances to get one aren’t diminished that much. It’s really a win/win for them. Almost same opportunities playing for natties while making a lot more money.

Lsu has 3 natty’s since ou. Since the 80’s ou has been ride on their name. That 2019 lsu was bettertge any ou has in my life time. But go ahead stick up for them.

LSU went 5-5 with no bowl game last year. Sure they have the ability to win but they are no where near as consistent as OU is. That is a fact.

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To be fair robert that 2019 LSU team was better than just about any college team in your lifetime, they curb stomped just about everybody in the 2019 season

I know ur reading my posy cause u answer them rite. I said the league besides Alabama is not winning every year but the will always have 4 good teams leaving ou to fight to get into.

Well then I didn’t lie. But that’s to my point the league will have a group of good teams every year doesn’t have to be the same ones

Your OU hate is blinding you. They will be just fine. I wish they would get slapped around like Texas is about to be but the reality is that isn’t going to happen.

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I would rather my hate for ou blind me ,then ur blindness caused from lack of reality. Ou will lose at least 3 their first year. I know u want for me to be wrong and ou win a natty.

Yea not sure what point you were trying to make. But just because LSU trashed OU in 2019 doesn’t mean that OU’s chances to get a natty bid every year while playing in the SEC is going to be severely diminished. Not when the SEC will probably get half the bids each year.

How far down will they take playoff teams. If they dnt win the west there already 3rd atleast. Then when they win the west are they going to be the 2nd.

Nothing would make me happier than OU going. 0-12 and Texas going 1-11 with their only win being OU. But the reality is OU will most likely be the second best team overall in the SEC. It might not mean second place every year but second best overall.

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Taking a step back has anyone noticed that one of the main culprits of this whole debacle is ESPN? Ultimately they are the ones picking and choosing what conferences survive or not by deciding who gets the big contracts and who doesn’t. And I am sure that they don’t give a rats behind what happens to the sport going forward, they only care if there is a way to make some money.

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My thoughts exactly. It will be fun to watch them getting drilled as time goes by.

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If the super conference does happen and they pull Ohio State, UM, Clemson, Miami, ND, etc I hope the whole country loses interest and starts their own thing without them.

OU going 0-12 with Texas beating them in their only win of the season. Now that would be a truly wonderful season.

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When they go to a 12 team playoff, Oklahoma news will be about how OU is in the playoffs and OSU is not.

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Need to lead with that kind of talk more.

It’ll be funny when we go to the pac and win or win the west of the big10 and ou has 3 loses or more.

Yea I’ve had thoughts that all the college teams not in the SEC should just pull out of the current CFP/naty and form their own CFP/natty. Let the SEC fight among them selves for their semi/pro natty title while the rest of college football plays for the newly formed version. That might mean less money for anyone not in the SEC initially but perhaps over time folks would tire of the NFL G league that is the SEC and move back to watching the sport we all love and cherish which is college football.