PAC 12 not expanding

Just announced

We knew the California and North West teams didn’t want it. Still doesn’t mean it will not happen. It will be revisit in a few years.
Maybe they think with one less power conf, more people will stay up late?.

I hope you’re right, but honestly, this isn’t a surprise to me. Unless we can somehow get OU and UT to back out of their SEC commitment, and they agree to take us and TTU to the PAC 12, I just don’t see it happening.

We need to move on with a realistic plan.

Yes we should have , as the big 12, been looking to add teams the day ou and Texas left.
The pac12 r in there lil bubble. Which everyone is. Byu can’t play on Sunday. Can’t travel this and that.
We need to pick up the best 8 football teams.

None of the other schools are leaving the big 12 early because they don’t want to forfeit the money gained from ou and Texas leaving. Pac-12 announcement really means nothing at all. Just that they aren’t doing it now, which everyone already knew. I’m sure it’ll be revisited when the schools moving there is an actual possibility

Ok, choosing to stay in the Big 12 just to get the OU/TX exit fee is pretty short-sighted. Lets say that for some reason, OU and TX end up having to pay the full amount of $140 mil total ($70 each)which there is no way theyll have to pay that full amount, but we can go with it anyway. If all of that goes to the remaining schools, it’d be around $17 mil to each university. You honestly think that if OSU has a chance to go to the PAC 12 sooner than that…that theyll say “nah. we wanna hold out for that $17 mil that OU and TX are gonna give us”. You think Kansas is going to tell the Big 10 theyre happy staying in the Big 12, rather than jump into the Big 10??? HELL NO THEY WONT DO THAT.

And again, OU and TX will not be forced to pay the full amount anyway. That will get negotiated down the same way it did with the 4 teams that left in the past. That $70 mil will be the starting point of the negotiation and go down

What if the Big 10 never invites Kansas or The Pac 12 never invites OSU? Then do you think they’ll be sitting around waiting for $17 mil? HELL YEAH!

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Well in that case, of course you’re right. They’d have no choice. But even then, it still won’t be the full $17 mil each.

Well, if they leave before then they’re also having to pay that exit fee. Nobody wants to be the one to pay it so until there is a mutual agreement to dissolve it’ll stay until 2025

Go look at what the 4 teams that left before were rumored to have to pay…….then see what they actually ended up paying. OU and Texas, like the other 4, will not pay the full fee. It’ll be negotiated down. That’s only happening if the Conf stays at 8……which isn’t happening either. There is zero chance that these 8 stay locked into this Conf for 4 more years

U say these 8 are not staying together, so which ones are leaving and where to.

West Virginia gets in the ACC. Kansas & Iowa St get in the Big 10. I still say OSU & Tech end up in the PAC. OSU is the most valuable school left, so they’ll get in.

Why would any of them leave if inviting these four keeps them in a power 5 conference?

Do you think this 8 adds up to a “Power 5” Conf? The answer is no. So adding 4 teams that aren’t from a Power 5 either isn’t doing anything but diluting your money.

There’s an article here on pistols firing showing it will be better than the pac 12 and possibly better than the one team acc.

Well they’re wrong. The PAC 12 has Oregon, USC that are clearly better. The ACC has Clemson & FSU that are better. UNC is better. Miami is better. OSU is similar to Va Tech. Similar to Stanford. OSU would clearly be the best team in that new Conf, and that’s not enough to carry the thing into Power 5 territory

Well their facts seem more reliable than your gut feeling.

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It’s not a gut feeling. It’s fact.

Do you think the remaining 8 teams alone are a Power 5? The answer is no.

How do you then think that adding 4 more teams that aren’t a Power 5…….change that?

Paste the link to the article on here. I’ll check it out.