PAC 12 not expanding

“It’s unclear how favorably the move will be seen — and whether this will keep the Big 12 in the Autonomy 5”

I just copied that from one on here I read. I don’t see anything saying that this new 12 teamer would be better than the PAC 12 or ACC

In 2020, 2019 and 2018, the Big 12 posted a higher average Sagarin ranking than the Pac-12, with the four expansion teams, or by themselves (in 2017, the Pac-12’s ranking was better). The same trend was true with F+, and I suspect it would be true if you used SP+, or Massey, or any number of opponent and/or pace adjusted metrics.

Taking Texas and Oklahoma out of the Big 12 unquestionably makes it a worse football conference. But the remaining eight, plus these four new teams, based on the last few seasons, would be a peer to the Pac-12, and honestly, to the not-Clemson ACC. The idea that there is a massive gap is not really supported by recent performance.

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I agree. The new big 12 will either be the weakest of the power 5 or the strongest of the group of six. It’s intellectually dishonest to argue that this new conference will have the same appeal as the ACC, PAC 12, B1G, or SEC.

But that’s ok.

We are who we are, for better or for worse.

I’m still holding out for an invitation to a power conference, although it may never come.

Go read the bottom of the daily Bullets.

“Based on the last few seasons, would be a peer to the PAC 12”. Ok, that’s saying the last few years (which USC has been down) that this 8 + 4 would be a peer to the PAC 12. USC & Oregon are better programs, however metric you wanna use, than OSU or anyone else in that group. That’s fact. And OSU’s brand is going to diminish now that they aren’t playing OU & Texas every year. That’s just fact.

It then mentions “to the not Clemson ACC”. Well unfortunately, the ACC is Clemson too. Just ask yourself what brand is better/more visible nationwide. OSU or The U? OSU or UNC? OSU or FSU?

If you think those two statements are to be interpreted as “the new Big 12 will be better than the PAC or ACC”, then you’re taking quite the literary liberty in spinning that story.

Congrats sir……you are the most sane, logical, honest person on here. OSU is a very good program. One to be proud of for sure.

OU isn’t in Bamas class. I can say that. OU isn’t in Ohio St Or Clemsons right now either.

See link below.

Here is the tv revenue per school for the P5 BEFORE UT and OU depart:

B1G -$54M
SEC - $45M
Big 12 - $38M
PAC 12 - $34M
ACC - $33M

The ACC contract runs through 2036. Their member schools will have their revenue largely frozen for the next 15 years. Not good for them.

The PAC 12 contract is awful, as Larry Scott’s investment in the go-it-alone PAC 12 network failed. Despite this, it’s still better than the ACC’s. Scott is now gone and they will renegotiate new tv contracts in two years. Expect it to explode to over $45M per school, as reported.

The SEC contract is expected to exceed $60M per school once UT and OU join.

The B1G will see increase in revenue over $60M soon at its current pace.

The new big 12 is reported to receive income of about $20M per school. Not bad, but a fraction of the other power conferences, even the poorest, the ACC.

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Who’s going to pay these new contracts? Fox sports and ESPN are both losing money. That’s the reason fox didn’t pick up ter 3 games ,now espn+ is losing money.

Go look at what ESPN outbid CBS for the SEC game of the week.

College football games for the power conferences command high, national, advertising revenue. ESPN, Fox, and the other networks will pay a premium for this.

Where have you been this whole time?!?! I needed you when these people were roasting me!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

There was a report just the other day that 3 to 4 games a week make money. The rest lose.

That all sounds good and natural. But, tv revenue runs this.
The biggest hurdle is the acc. First who is the other team.
Noter dame has both the acc and big waiting.
The second deal is acc has a contract that runs to '36.
So espn would have to give our what 74 million more or each team would have to give up 4 million each for over a decade. I dnt see either happening.
Big 10 has contract up in 24. But I do not see ku and isu adding money. It’s a good fit but I dnt think their teams want less money either.
Usc thinks osu will come in and win. If u can get over that then osu and any 1 or 3 teams would help the pac12
Rite now the new big 12 has 2 teams in the top10 .
Ksu and byu just beat pac 12 opponents. So saying the new big 12 would be less worthy then the pac 12 is pushing it. This reason would be the reason pac 12 expands. To hamper the new big 12.

Yes. Only the power conference games command high dollars.

Be honest, did you enjoy watching UCLA beat LSU or Clemson lose to UGA last weekend? Personally, I enjoyed the UCLA game. I didn’t watch any of the games that involved only teams from weaker conferences.

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If this is true, how come during week0 and week 1 the only commercial is darn Applebees crap.

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Applebee’s is darn good. More people need to know this! :grin:


See……now you’re just being a rascal. Applebee’s :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:

If someone offered to sell you a package of teams.

Group A: Oregon. USC. Stanford. Utah. UCLA

Group B: OSU. Cincinnati. BYU. UCF.

Which group do you take? The answer is easy.

No one cares that in one year this team lost to that team. Do not get lost in the W-L record. It’s about eyeballs. $$.

Well group A i would pick it has more teams.:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Pac 12 have trouble numbers tv numbers.
I’m not getting lost in the numbers. Only byu play half their schedule with power 5 teams. But. They played none last year. This is the only way to see what the new big 12 is worth. U can go on and on about usc, that is not a team u want as a flag ship.
My main questions were about expansion. U didn’t respond I think only the pac 12 will, specially if that conference continues on its coarse.

I’ll answer whatever you want. Ask & I’ll answer.

You don’t want USC as a flagship? They play ND every year. They’re a name brand known coast to coast. USC is a top 10 program historically. Even when they’re down, they still draw eyeballs.

You answer my question.

USC. Oregon. UCLA. Stanford


OSU. BYU. Cincinnati. UCF