Pac-12 Reportedly Likely to Remain at 12 Schools and Not Expand

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This would rule out one potential post-Big 12 landing spot for OSU.

The writing has been on the wall for a month.

If you read western media articles, there has been very little interest within the PAC 12 region, and quite frankly, hostile opposition, to extending membership to any of the big 12 schools.


@robert28 you really need to get someone to read this to you.



@robert28 The quote of “no schools really add value”……. I rest my case. Wrestling. Golf. National titles In secondary sports…….does not matter.


“meaning a merger with the AAC or adding schools from the AAC for when the TV rights deal is up in 2025 could be possible.”

I’ve been saying it all along and the stars keep aligning. Our fans are giving the football program more credit than anyone from the outside looking in is doing.

We are either going to add teams for the sake of the conference in a watered down version of the Big 12, or we are going to have five teams from this conference merging with the AAC.

What we can control is whether we join the AAC or whether we invite four AAC schools to join the big 12. If the latter, we need to figure out how to pay roughly $100M in AAC exit fees.

Before we can move forward, however, the 8 leftovers need to be united to build the big 12 up.

Right now, every member of the big 12 is too good to be in the big 12. This is a really bad look for the big 12 and its members. We need to realize that our days of being in a power conference will soon be over, but that we can be the best of the rest in an expanded Big 12.

Looks like the pac 12 is really not impressed with top ten in wins over the last decade from a team that can’t compete for conference title.

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U seem happy.

Why are you saying the remain 8 are going to have to pay the exit fees for any teams from the AAC? Where the hell are you getting that?!?!


The pac12 reminds of ar0 and tomato slice. Thinking their elite. Its hard to believe that the pac12 commissioner would come out and say they were looking into, to let it leak out in 2 days they were really not interested. If the pac12 is going to do stupid stuff let them. The big 10 did by adding Rutgers and Maryland. So go ahead pac 12 listen to the bias experts.
It is sill weird with schools like Berkeley and ucla running at a lose they would not look seriously into osu. But it just a reporter.

To incentivize them to join the big 12. The AAC contract requires 36 months notice of departure and about $20-$24 million exit fees. They currently receive less than $8 million per year in TV revenue, so $20-$24 million in exit fees may not be possible. So, we pay their exit fees so they can join.

Aren’t you an OU fan? Why are you on this board? Are you simply an antagonist?

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U really r a weird gurl. Why would the pac 12 worry about wrestling. Ur pathetic attempt to say I said those sports were relevant to the tv contract. I said the wrestling would make money going to the big ten. If u would really know my mind as well as u think u would have seen my post say we have no chance of going to the big ten. U see everything u said was moot because we never had a chance to go to the big 10.
If u are making reference to my post about holding national that is serious money for oklahoma.
We r host athe up coming wrestling nationals so for 4 or 5 days the bok center will be backed. Hotels restaurants and more will make money. Same with the national we hold at stillwater ( golf, cross country, tennis) and regional.

It goes to show that there are several other variables in joining a P5 conference than what most people on here think. The fact that a school excels in other sports is only one of the things that are viewed from several. Unless your like Roberto and you don’t think they do.

Whoever’s surprised at this should be an exec in the Big XII-4 HQ. Good thing we’re trying to save the conference instead of chasing rainbows. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

The one thing those two schools have in common is they are AAU schools. Just like how Iowa State and Kansas are. OSU is NOT an AAU school. I’ve told you twice now that conferences take several variables into account. Not if your just good at golf. Of course though I would expect a dimwit like you to either ignore or not understand that.

Ur an idiot. First this was a story a reporter did on feels about expanding.
Second the other sports to have value. Why would the pac12 teams spend so much money on their Olympic sports.

Like usual u are clueless. The big 10 thought the were getting a bonanza in New tv’s. Their experts told them that Rutgers and Maryland would open up Philly NY DC and Baltimore. Did it. No

Who said anybody is trying to save it. The big 12 talk with the pac12 2 weeks ago. They should be openly bring in schools for talks. That would be saving the big 12.

They don’t have monetary value.