PF Book Club?

Anybody interested in a one-book-a-month book club? I’m halfway through Talking to Strangers right now, and I thought it would be fun to discuss if anybody is interested. I can run the club and give out recommendations. Would actually be a delight for me.


I’d be down.

If they’re good…

Like…can we include literary classics? I don’t want to read modern fiction stuff. Stephen King stuff is fine, even the occasional Dean Koontz (very poor man’s King). Michael Crichton is fine too (The Terminal Man is a good book).

I would be down, but I will definitely miss some months due to work… The responding portion, I will be able to do the reading.

Is it a requirement to know how to read?

I’d be down most months.


This sounds great.

One of my goals for the year was a book each month. Talking to Strangers is next month for me. Book recommendations are greatly appreciated.

I’d be down. I’ve always thought a book club sounded like it would be fun

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If I could implement a load management program at the home front, I’d be in.

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Sounds good to me.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reading is hard, ok?!?! LOL

Id be down, always looking for a good book to read

I’d be interested, great idea!

I’m in. Upped my reading goal this year so that would be a good way to help meet it.

Does reading the Chamber comments count?



I’m in

So do we all need to get Talking to Strangers, or some other book?

Yeah, let’s do Talking to Strangers. I’ll follow up with a date/time at the end of the month where we can all convene and discuss. Looking forward to it!


Finished Talking to Strangers tonight. Will have some sort of discussion end of Jan. for anyone interested. Don’t feel like you have to read the whole thing. Just knock out the parts you can!