PFB+ BBQ Thread

All things BBQ, I mean, every forum has to have a BBQ room right?!



I was just thinking about firing up the smoker for the Super Bowl.

Where is the best BBQ?

  • North Carolina

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Lol, I like me some vinegar-based sauce. But it’s a little too savory a flavor profile for my tastes overall.




The weather keeps improving so I’m inclined to do the same.

Beer can chicken?

I went to NC, tried several BBQ places. My opinion is that the meat didn’t hold a candle to the BBQ here in OK. I do like the vinegar based sauce but sauce is not everything.

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High of 35 degrees all of next week in stillwater… I thought we were about to have nice weather

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Yep! Put Blue Moon under them usually. 4 hour cook, nice and easy for a weekday.

Had today and yesterday. It’s still February. This ain’t San Diego.


At least we had a couple of nice days!

Nice, but you might try loaf pan chicken instead. I switched over because the chicken stays so much juicier. Same concept basically but it uses bread loaf pans and incorporates apple sauce inside the bird.

More specific, Central Texas.

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Definitely. The best part is that style lets the meat do most of the work.

I’ll have to look into that. Couple of my buddies have started doing a method called “Spatchcock” as well. Will look into it! I’m always looking for excuses to fire up the smoker.

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I get all of my best BBQ recipes from this book (including the loaf pan chicken). Its like my BBQ bible at this point. I have made over a dozen recipes from it and loved all of them.

Spatchcock is the one of the best methods to cook poultry. The other is fried.


I second this.
We smoke our Thanksgiving turkey this way each time, and spatchcock chicken most of the time.

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