PFB+ Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

With it being an early kick tomorrow, I figured this could get going in the afternoon.


Pokes by 90

Anyone have any info on the flyover?

LET’S GO BABY! I’m super pumped to watch this

There will be one. Presumably, it will be before the game.

What channel? Is it recordable? Or is on ESPN+?


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Taking the OVER. Let’s go!!

45-13 pokes… AND We rush for more than 54 yards.


TU’s running back seems good. Prince, I think? Gotta be careful with him.

Otherwise, I think we should be ok.

Yeah. Texas A&M transfer

A lot of thought went into this after last week……

23-10 OSU

Which would be very sad.

If we win we win. No need to be sad about it.

27-13 Oklahoma state. We throw for 300 and rush for 100.

This game thread is already depressing.

Sanders will be electric. Pokes by 24.

Bet they don’t score 30

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There’s going to be a flyover.

They have two of em. Prince and brooks are both studs. Stop their running game and they’ll be in a lot of trouble, but I’m nervous about the first half. If they can get past our front line, other than Malcolm Tre is our best tackler. These other guys will have to make sure they wrap up and don’t get out of place. Don’t want them busting a long one early.

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We need some sort of sustained offensive production tomorrow. If we have one of our infamous 2 quarter lulls where we can’t score a point in Boise, we will absolutely lose that game. Confidence starts tomorrow. That being said, I’ll go 41-24 pokes. I personally think Sanders has the type of day that makes us irrationally excited about the rest of his season, kinda like his very first game in Corvallis a few years back.

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I’ve got two free tickets tomorrow. Can’t make the game and can just transfer them over. Decent seats at the 35 yard line on the student side.